How I Plan To Get Over The Mid-Semester Slump

Lately, I have been feeling a little down, unmotivated, and tired. While I am not sure if the cause is the changing seasons, homesickness, or lack of vitamin D, I know the root cause is the mid-semester slump. Around mid-October every year I feel this way. Due to the strict rules and regulations around COVID-19, on-campus life has changed dramatically, and, with it, so has the way to get out of the mid-semester slump.

This year I am planning things a bit differently. As we approach midterm exams, papers, projects, and presentations, life is getting crazy. It has been hard to spend time on self-care when your mind is running in a thousand different directions. To combat this, I have come up with a few steps I am going to follow to get myself ready and excited to finish the semester.

First, I made a 3-day agenda. Working out of a planner or calendar can sometimes feel overwhelming. By shortening the time down to the next three days, I can relax a bit about my work. Spicing the shortened agenda up with some colorful pens and doodles also helps your agenda feel more like a bullet journal than a list.

Second, I have been making sure I keep myself on track with working out. Finding an hour each day to spend time working out is so valuable. For just that hour, you do not have to focus on anything else. There are no worries or stresses about school because you know that this time spent on yourself is moving you forward.

Third, I have been keeping in touch with my hometown friends. When I first got to college in August, I was 2,300 miles from home. It was easy to slip into the St. Lawrence bubble and forget my home life existed. Now that I am feeling a bit homesick, I find it very calming to call a close friend. Sometimes this feels intimidating or gruesome after weeks of not talking but after a phone call I feel so much happier, reenergized, and ready to get back to work.

Lastly, I have been giving myself a bit of a break (or at least trying to). It is easy to get down on yourself for not having a detailed plan for the next week, month, or year. In all of the uncertainty in our country with the social climate and COVID, it’s important to take a minute to breathe and tell yourself “it will all work out.” 

I hope that these tips give you all some time to consider during your mid-semester slump. Don’t forget to get outside and enjoy yourself because sooner or later, the semester will end and you’ll either have enjoyed it or watched it go by.


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