How I Fell Back In Love With Reading

When I was younger, I would always be reading. Maybe you were like me, always excited for the day of the book fair at school. But as I got older, I replaced novels with social media, snuggling up with Netflix rather than a good book. I’d always say that I enjoyed reading, but outside of English classes, I would never read anything on my own. This past year, I set out to change that. Here is how I fell back in love with reading.


Find a Book You Want to Read

This is the most important. Reread an old favorite or give in to a guilty pleasure. You won’t want to read unless you are interested. If you haven’t read recreationally in a while, you might want to start with fiction. Don’t be afraid to read a best-selling author– they are popular for a reason! I find it best to start with "easy" options when I haven’t read in a while. 


Listen to Suggestions

Start writing down the books that professors, friends, and family suggest to you. Chances are, it will be worth your time. The books they suggest might not become your favorites, but it gives you a new connection to people in your life. I keep a list on my phone of books I want to read, paying special attention to those that keep getting recommended to me. 


Make Reading Fit into Your Schedule

Look for the gaps in your life where you are prone to pick up your phone. Give yourself a designated reading time, whether it’s when you are waiting for laundry or before you go to bed. You can set goals for yourself, but make sure they are reasonable! Don’t force yourself to read when you don’t have the time. Try to read a chapter a day, picking up more pages when you have time. 


Carry a Book Everywhere

It might seem like a hassle, but it’s worth it! The few minutes you wait for your pub order add up quickly. I feel so much more productive with a book in hand than scrolling through Instagram. It’s also a great way to start up a conversation! People will want to know what you are reading. Even just downloading an e-book is great for moments when you just have your phone. 


Read What You Can

Reading isn’t just about a physical book. Again, you can download e-books or audiobooks, but also look for poetry and essays. Look up articles on topics you are interested in. Reading is what you want it to be, it doesn’t need to conform to the traditional idea of classic novels. 



Reading is fun. If it starts to become annoying, rethink your schedule and goals. Don’t push yourself to the point where reading becomes a hassle. The more you get in the bait of reading, the easier it gets. You can expand your horizons, finding a niche genre that interests you. I’ve discovered so many new ideas and have learned so much by taking the time to pick up a book. Now go read!


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