How to Elevate Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is here and so is “sweater weather”! For me, fall has always been a time I look forward to; the temperature begins to drop and it’s time to start bundling up in cozy clothes. It can be challenging during these months to avoid wearing the same boring outfits on rotation. Just because we want to be comfy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our style. If you are someone who has a difficult time making cozy outfits trendy and stylish, I have some tips for you!

  1. 1. Accessories!

    It is easy to make a simple outfit (white t-shirt and jeans) pop with accessories! Wearing lots of jewelry with a casual outfit can make it appear more dressed up. Going for a bold make-up look or bright color nail polish are two simple tricks to bring your look to life. During these chilly months, wearing a patterned scarf or stylish hat will not only keep you warm but add style to simple outfits. ​

  2. 2. Chunky Boots


    Chunky boots are so in style, especially this fall! Whether you pair them with pants or rock them with a dress or skirt, chunky boots can make any outfit trendy and cute. ​

  3. 3. Jackets

    Girl In Sherpa Coat

    Whether it be a jean, faux fur, leather, or bomber jacket, not only do they keep you warm, but they can become your statement piece this fall. ​

  4. 4. Matching Sets

    Woman in red two piece set looking away from camera

    Sets make picking out what to wear easy! Not only do sets look put together, and cute, they are so easy because they require minimal effort. It can be helpful to put outfits that go together in your closet to avoid spending a long time picking out what to wear.

  5. 5. Neutral Colors


    Neutral colors are not only in right now, but they can appear chic and sophisticated even in the comfiest of forms. For example, beige sweats are in style and go with everything. Wearing thick gold jewelry with neutral colors will make the jewelry stand out. ​

  6. 6. Fit (say NO to baggy on baggy)

    It’s okay to wear loose fitted clothing but it helps to alternate baggy on top, fitted on the bottom, or baggy on bottom, fitted on top. When you wear an oversized hoodie, pair it with slim fitted leggings or jeans. If you choose to wear baggy pants, pair it with a form-fitted top. This way you won’t look like you are swimming in your clothes, but still, be comfortable.

What are you incorporating into your fall wardrobe?




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