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Are you prone to waking up with the case of the Sunday Scaries every Sunday morning? Heres a few tips on how to make that rude awakening a little less rude…

Waking up may be difficult, but ideally we try to get up just around 10:00 a.m. To those who are early birds, this is a perfect time because a little extra sleep never hurt anyone, plus the library and Dana brunch aren’t even open until this time.

Once you feel rested enough and ready to face the world, head over to Dana Brunch for all your favorite foods like mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese bites, apple sauce, omelette station, waffle bar, eggs, bacon, and sausage (you get the best deal in town and it is basically an array of all the greatest foods of all time).

Finish just in time for the library to open up, and if you’re lucky, get a nice table or even a private room.

By 3:00 p.m we usually head to the pub for a nice mid-day snack or, if you’re feeling really productive, stay in the lib and hit up that vending machine. There’s even a Keurig for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate!

After studying and working hard all afternoon, pack up your stuff and head to Dana ~round 2~ for a nice, hearty dinner, and of course top it off with a good ol’ Sunday Sundae.

In order to make sure you really survive the “Sunday Scaries,” head back to your room, hang out with some friends, or watch a Netflix movie to wrap up the weekend on the best note possible. If you don’t have too much homework, find a friend and spend your Sunday with them relaxing and unwinding from the weekend!

P.S: Always make sure to check out the daily SLU Wire email notification for campus events, but also check out events the greater NOCO area by going out to eat somewhere like The Bagelry or Mama Lucia’s. You could also try checking out what movies are playing at the Theatre or the Winston room, hit up some shops like Luna or Isle of You, or go hiking, biking, or canoeing at any of the surrounding river and mountain areas!


Sundays aren’t meant to be scary- so whatever you do, make the best of it!

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