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Hether Spofford ‘20: BeautyCounter’s Newest Consultant

A sophomore here at St. Lawrence, Hether Spofford has recently become Beautycounter's newest consultant! Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone! Read the following article to learn more about Beautycounter and how you can test out products here at SLU!


Q: What is Beautycounter all about?

A: “Beautycounter’s mission is to bring safer products into the hands of the public. You wouldn't believe how many unregulated chemicals are in our personal care products! The last time the United States FDA regulated safe ingredients for beauty products was in 1938. There are approximately 80,000 unregulated chemicals going around. The EU has banned 1,300 chemicals alone, compared to the 30 that have been banned in the United States. Beautycounter has committed itself to a standard of better, healthier beauty for each product, and have banned the use of 1,500 harmful chemicals in their products. You can learn more by researching Beautycounter's never list.”

Q: How did you get involved with Beautycounter?

A: “My mother’s roommate from college, Gregg Renfrew, launched the company in 2013, when she became concerned with the lack of regulation in products that she and her children used every day. My family has been using the products ever since, because my mom was quick to get on board as a Beautycounter consultant, meaning she sells the product. After attending the sophomore career boot camp I became inspired to try and bring the company to the St. Lawrence community!”

Q: What’s your daily routine in the morning?

A: “My morning routine starts with washing my face with Beautycounter’s routine clean face wash which is a great way to wake up my skin! I mosturize with Beautycounter’s day cream and number 3 oil to moisturize and reduce redness. Then I move onto my flawless in 5 which is a Beautycounter 5 minute makeup routine. I use the Beautycounter tinted moisturizer which is a great foundation with moisturizing properties and then I throw on some volumizing mascara, a concealer pen to touch up any blemishes and eye bags then I go off to start the day!”

Q: What is your favorite Beautycounter product?

A: “Oh that’s such a tough choice! I would have to say the Countermatch moisturizer, it is an amazing face cream that has the unique properties of adapting to the needs of your skin - I love it! I’ve always had trouble with redness and uneven skin tones, and I’ve noticed a distinct difference in that since I’ve started using Countermatch.”

Q: How can other people get involved?

A: “You can buy products from me! It’s also a great opportunity if you wish to get involved in selling the products as well.”

Follow her on Instagram @Beterbeautyslu


Contact hrspof16@stlawu.edu for more info!!


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