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Healthy Alternatives For Your Favorite Halloween Treats

October 31st is quickly approaching and with it the two most central parts of Halloween: costumes and candy. Lots and lots and lots of candy. If the endless sugar that comes with Halloween is overwhelming, try some of these more healthy alternatives to all of your favorite Halloween treats. Staying healthy doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself–not even close–but staying mindful is always important!

Love Kit Kat’s? Try dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt instead!

Have a weak spot for gummy worms and other chewy candy? Try replacing them with Surf Sweets yummy and organic alternatives!

Halloween is barely Halloween without Reese’s! If I am going to be completely honest though, they give me a stomach ache. Sound familiar? Try making your own! If you’re not feeling that adventurous, Justin’s also makes all-natural peanut butter and sunbutter cups both with milk and dark chocolate!

If you don’t like Peeps you’re in the clear, but if you do these ghosts might haunt you year after year! Try making a fun and easy activity out of creating these simple but tasty alternative treats!

(Photos: itv news, Upper Lakes Foods, Eating Richly, Valerie Mitchell, The Daily Buzz, Obsessive Sweets)

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