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Halloween Dorm Decoration Ideas

There is no better way to prepare for a holiday than by decorating your room with festive things. Whether you want simple, classy, or bold decorations, there is something perfect for every space and style.  These decorations don’t have to be expensive and over the top.  Sometimes the best decorations are the ones that you make yourself and for your friends.  Halloween is coming up so we need to get our rooms ready! Keep reading to find the perfect spooky decorations for your room!

  1. Festive String Lights: A great way to decorate is with string lights. These can fill up your room with festive lighting and will provide a welcoming environment.  Put them around your door, window, or along the ceiling for optimal usage.  You can find these lights at Walmart, Target, or on Amazon.  They are a cheap and easy way to decorate!

2. Window Stickers: Window stickers are a perfect way to decorate for Halloween! They are fun to apply and are easy to remove when the holiday is over.  There are many different stickers you can buy and they usually can be found at a Dollar Store or Walmart for a very low price. 

3. Door Decorations: Your dorm room door is the first thing people will see when they walk into your room so the decorations are very important.  Get creative with this, you really can’t go wrong with any idea! Some cute things I found were as simple as taking toilet paper and creating a mummy.  You can also make your door into Frankenstein or a crime scene.  If you don’t want something this specific, you can also use general Halloween decorations using orange, black, and purple.  

4. Cobwebs: Cobwebs are an easy way to decorate your dorm for Halloween! You can hand make cobwebs by using washer tape or by using streamers.  You can also attach fake spiders to the ends to make it look more realistic. If making decorations isn’t your thing you can always buy synthetic cobwebs at a halloween or party store.  Either way will look great in a dorm room and will add a spooky vibe.

5. Accent Pillow: A festive Halloween pillow is another great way to get your dorm room in the spirit of Halloween.  There are so many option too! You can find one that matches the color scheme in your room, you and your roommate can get matching ones, or you can get one that adds a pop of color to your room.  

6. Decorative Bowl/Jars with Halloween Candy: Lastly you can get a festive Halloween jar or bowl and fill it with candy.  This inexpensive decor is a great way to spread your love of Halloween with everyone that comes into your room. Since you probably won’t be trick-or-treating, this is a great way to get some candy and have fun with your friends.

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I am a Senior at St. Lawrence University.  I am a Psychology major with minors in Film Studies & Sports Studies and Exercise Science.  I am the captain of the Womens Varsity Volleyball team and am a Senior Admissions Fellow on campus.  I enjoy sunny weather and iced coffee from Dunkin :)   
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