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This Halloween, my friends and I finally decided what we wanted to be beforehand, but still kept each costume super easy! Here are the three costumes we executed on our nights out:  

  1. Aba from Mamma Mia! This one was perfect for my friends and I, considering we had three people. But also because the costume is pretty easy to replicate. We simply put on a pair of flare dark jeans, a lighter blue tank top, and then wrapped a gold ribbon/sash around our waste. You can wear white booties with the outfit and a jean vest to complete the look, or just leave it as is! I’d also suggest carrying around a fake microphone in case you have to show off those vocal skills! 

  1. Tennis players! Well this one is even simpler, especially if you have any kind of tennis gear in your closet. We went with the all whites look and wore a white tennis skirt, white tank top, and then wrapped a white athletic sweatshirt around our waste. I’d suggest wearing a visor and putting your hair up to really look like you belong on the court! 

  1. Spongebob! The show is a classic and everyone will appreciate the costume (as we witnessed when out). We decided to be Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward. There are definitely ways to make the costume more extravagant, but we stuck to the basics and it still worked out! For Spongebob and Patrick, we just got big yellow and pink t-shirts and painted the bottom third of them. For Spongebob, we painted the shorts and tie. And for Patrick, we painted the green and purple shorts. For Squidward, we just wore a blue/grey tighter long sleeve shirt underneath a brown bigger short sleeve shirt. Spongebob of course had to carry around a spatula, and Squidward carried around a flute/recorder. All super easy, and we looked the part! 

So there you go! These are three super easy, fun costumes that you could try next Halloween!  

I’m Daphne Stanton and I’m a sophomore at St. Lawrence.
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