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Five Podcasts Worth Listening To Right Now!

If you’re like me, a college student busy balancing life between schoolwork, friends, and staying in touch with family, finding time to relax and focus on yourself is really difficult. This past summer, I noticed myself depending on podcasts to keep me busy and entertained. After being hooked on multiple shows, I have found it hard to give up listening completely. Here are a few podcast shows I just could not give up despite being overwhelmed.

“Park Predators”

This podcast by Delia D’Ambra is the perfect mix of true-crime and national geographic. Without being too graphic or vulgar, each episode focuses on a crime or series of crimes taking place in a specific National Park. This podcast is perfect for anyone that frequents national parks and feels the need to be a little extra spooked this Halloween season. Delia D’Ambra focuses on straight-to-the-point storytelling that is easy to focus on while multitasking or just listening. Episodes are always under an hour, never being too much of a burden.

“The Michelle Obama Podcast”

I thought that Michelle Obama was already perfection, then The Michelle Obama Podcast came out and raised the bar even higher. Michelle hosts new guests each week on this discussion-based podcast including; Barack Obama, Michele Norris, Conan O’Brien, and her family. This phenomenal podcast sheds new light on the life of the former first lady as a black woman living growing up in the city of Chicago. After listening, I felt so appreciative of the work that she did for non-profits before becoming the first lady. Truly an amazing podcast that is a must-listen for every type of person.

“This Podcast Will Kill You”

This combination of science and history podcast hosted by Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updyke is fascinating. If you are a science or history nerd and love hearing about a disease or someone who has never been interested in disease, the Erin’s craft a mind-blowing podcast covering different diseases from Syphilis, Radiation, and Antibiotic Resistance plus so much more. I have been a TPWKY fan for years, and the podcast just keeps giving. If you need something to get attached to and feel productive and smart while doing it, listen to this pod.

“Crime Junkie”

Which one of us is not a true crime junkie. Ashley Flowers and Britt have established a multi-year long success story of podcasts. This podcast has been on the top-charts for years and has never failed to tell a captivating story. With new episodes multiple times a week, there is always a new crime to learn about. Ashley Flowers covers a wide range of crime and includes podcasts suitable for the most sinister and the most scared. This podcast is a must-listen.

“The Daily”

Finally, if you feel a little overwhelmed with all the news and politics and need a straight-forward guide to specific topics, The New York Times’ The Daily is the perfect pod for you. Before the pandemic, I was not as up-to-date with politics as I should have been. The Daily is an approachable podcast for anyone that needs something to learn or experienced news-followers. Topics are much broad than politics and have something for everyone.

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Hi, my name is Lily and I am a Biology major at St. Lawrence University. On-campus I work in the biology lab and as an admissions ambassador. Outside of classes I enjoy staying active outside, listening to podcasts, and spending time with close friends.
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