Five Helpful Coping Mechanisms

 Here are some things that I find to be helpful coping mechanisms and I hope these will help you get through a stressful time like this!

Write yourself notes

I love writing notes. I have taken up the habit of writing helpful notes on my laptop, so every time I open my laptop, no matter how stressed I am, I see something that brightens my day. My favorite note I have written on my laptop is “don’t let the darkness in your life swallow your light”.

Clean your space

Even just making my bed can dramatically change my mood. No matter what is going on in life, coming back to a clean space is a good feeling. Being able to get right into bed and start watching Netflix without moving books and dirty clothes is so calming.


The hardest part is getting to the gym, trust me. Once you start running, biking, or whatever you end up choosing, all your anxiety, stress, and anger will start coming out. Not only is exercising good for your mental health, but it’s good for your physical health!

Make a list

I love making lists - I’m actually a little neurotic about it. My favorite thing to do is write all of my assignments for the week in my planner, then take a post-it and write a “To Do” list. I put things that I have to make myself do on this list, but also things that are really easy to accomplish. Sometimes, you just need to write “Get out of bed” and “Go to class” on your To Do list because some days these are the hardest things to do. But believe me - checking virtually anything off a list makes you feel accomplished.

Talk to someone who loves you unconditionally

My go-to call is either one of my brothers or my mom. When you feel like you are not worth it, you’re having a bad day, or you just need reassurance that you’re doing okay, calling someone who loves you unconditionally is therapeutic. Sometimes, I won’t even tell my mom anything is wrong, but I know she’ll tell me she loves me and can’t wait to see me before we hang up. Sometimes you just need a little love and support to get through the day. 

One last helpful thing!

I have always gone back to “50 ways to take a break” when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Not only is it adorable, but it is really helpful. Just taking the two minutes to look at each picture and piece of advice is calming.