Finals Motivation - Instagram Style

For most of us students at St. Lawrence, the dreaded season of finals has come to an end. However, we cannot forget to support those who are still finishing up their last projects and papers. Oddly enough, when I lack motivation, I turn to Instagram because, just like a workout buddy, knowing that other people are being productive (especially if they’re organized) motivates me to be productive as well. Here are a few accounts on Instagram that seem to spark motivation for me in the most desperate of times.

  1. 1. Study With Jess

    Meet your new (Australian) study buddy!

  2. 2. Ways To Study

    This person has great tips for studying!

  3. 3. Procrastination Like a Pro

    Yes, you read that account name properly! If this person can be productive, so can you!

  4. 4. Peach Study

    The feed of this account is aesthetically pleasing which makes me want to be productively organized, too.

  5. 5. Study Diary of a Med Student

    If a MEDICAL student can be productive, so can YOU!

I hope everybody is ending off the semester well and here’s to yet another great semester with Her Campus at St. Law U! We can’t wait to see you all in the Fall!

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