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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Law U chapter.

It’s flu season, ladies! Stay Flu-free and healthy with these tips and tricks that I absolutely swear by, and soon, you will too!

Oil diffusers

There are essential oils for almost every purpose, but ones I absolutely swear by for fighting sicknesses are the “thieves” oil and some good old tea tree oil! The diffuser will make your room smell great and act as a humidifier as well if you do your research and get the right one! Don’t want to invest in a diffuser? Rub some of the oil on the insides of your wrists, and it will do the trick!

Ditch the Emergen-C

Instead, invest in some vitamin C capsules! As yummy as the powder packets taste in a nice glass of cold water, Emergen-C packets are filled with sugar, and though they have 1,000mg of vitamin, C, most capsules are that or more, and you can take one without the added sugars! One packet has 7g of sugar!


Supplements that help with sickness aren’t always just Vitamin C! Immune Boosting supplements include probiotics, vitamin D, and Zinc. These beat bacteria and will keep you healthy. Also, anti-inflammatories like turmeric are great for clearing your system out and keeping your blood flowing!


Activated charcoal has been used for YEARS to rid the body of poisons and toxins. If you do have the stomach bug or a nasty cold, pop an activated charcoal pill (available on Amazon) three hours away from all other medications and supplements — especially birth control! Activated charcoal works to absorb all the yucky bacterias in your body and send them out – STAT!

Air purifiers

Last but certainly not least, investing in a good air purifier or humidifier can save your lungs and sinuses! Clear out the gross dorm room air and this will save you this flu season!! Great for allergies as well, this is a multi-purpose one.


Kristen Phillips

St. Law U '20

Hi everyone! I'm Kristen! I am a Performance and Communications arts and Psychology double major, and plan to one day hold a career in the public relations field. On campus, some of my favorite things to do are get chai lattes at the bookstore, run the nearby trails, head into town for some kombucha, or hang out at my sorority house with my friends! 
Katie Leffel

St. Law U '21

Hi! My name is Katie Leffel and I am a sophomore and Campus Correspondent for St. Lawrence University, situated in Canton, New York. I am furthering my interests and pursuing double major in Business in the Liberal Arts and Economics as well as a minor in Film Studies. In addition, I am from Connecticut and my interest include fashion, art, exersize, and the great outdoors!