Everything You Need to Know About Wet Hot

If you think this is some American flag party, you are wrong! This party is Wet Hot American Summer. If you’re unsure about what that means it’s worth spending an hour and a half getting in the mood with this short film. It only costs $2.99 and it’s worth it I promise. Then, if you enjoyed that, check out the series Wet Hot American Summer - Ten Years Later on Netflix.


Wet Hot American Summer is Wet, Wild, and Weird. Who runs this event? Your Outing Club! Why? We don’t know, they just do. Enjoy your night with friends by dressing up like your favorite character from Wet Hot American Summer. If you need some fashion tips and inspiration, here are some guidelines to help you out.

  • Pigtails and funbuns are a great staple

  • You can’t go wrong with Jean Shorts

  • Leotards FOR DAYS (good thing they’re back in style)

  • Mid calves or high socks! But not the lax bro ones… the ones with the two stripes at the top


  • Halter tops and glitter because #90’s

  • Converse and other cool sneaks @ladies @men @everyone

  • Bandana’s! Because we still haven’t brought those back

  • Polo’s and athletic short shorts #hot

  • Overall’s and any other thing you would consider wearing circa 5th grade.


Not planning to watch the movie?? Here’s a little more inspiration featuring the movie itself:


There is only thing better than college and it is summer camp in the 90’s. Enjoy the time lapse, because until Titus, living in the 90’s just wont be possible. And remember, consent is always WET HOT. 


Photos: Giphy.com, Mental Floss (photo by Beth Anne Macaluso)