Everything You Need to Know About How to Prep for Formal

The cold weather has arrived, snow is falling, and formal season is upon us! Nervous about your outfit? Scared everything won't work out how you expected? We have you covered! Here is your complete guide for how to prep for formal, so you feel confident and look gorgeous on formal night. 

Make sure to try on your entire outfit as you will wear it the night of formal - Try on your dress, shoes, jewelry, and make sure everything goes well together and is comfortable. You don’t want to put everything on the night of your formal to realize you can’t walk in your heels or your fancy earrings snag the top of your dress when you walk! If you can, try to take a photo of you wearing your outfit so that you know how it will look in photographs. If you want to be really prepared, pack some safety pins and fashion tape in your jacket pocket or purse in case you need any quick fixes once you are at your formal.

Paint your nails, do a face and hair mask, shave those legs! - Personal hygiene is always a must, but make sure to treat yourself even more during the formal event season. Take good care of your skin and body and you will be the the girl who glows the most all night- no highlighter needed!

 Tan as you wish - Whether you prefer spray tans or at home self tanners, make sure you stick to what you know before a formal event. No one wants to be the orange face in all the photos, so don’t try anything new at the spray tan salon just before a big night! Even a little more St. Tropez, L’Oreal Sublime Bronze, or Jergen’s on your legs and arms goes a long way. But remember, no tanning is necessary, and if you're a girl who prefers to stay natural then do! You will look beautiful either way.

Make sure your date is ready! - Boys *sometimes* leave things until the last minute, so if you have a date to a formal make sure they know what’s going on- what clothes they are wearing, if they need to borrow a tie from someone else, where they are meeting you before the event, etc.

Know your plan for the night & how you are getting there - If you are going to the event with a large group or if the event is at an off campus venue, be sure to talk to your friends about transportation and meeting up before so that there is not a last minute scramble to get somewhere the night of!

Enjoy the night and have fun! - College formals are memories to look back on one day, so have a fun and safe night and make sure to take all the pictures you want with you friends and your date.