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As many of you know (or should!!!), HBO released two special episodes of Euphoria in the past month, and I’m here today to give my thoughts. There are many spoilers throughout this article, so if you haven’t seen them yet, know I will reference the plot of both. 

Part 1 is all about Rue as we dive into her mind and see why she can’t escape her drug use.  She meets with Ali, her trusted companion, to talk and receive some guidance. Ali is very involved in Rue’s life, as we know from Season 1. He knows the impact drugs can have on anyone’s life and doesn’t want to see her ruin herself.  Rue believes she has balance and has controlled her substance abuse, but Ali points out that she obviously has not.  Rue blames her troubles, relapses, and overall mental state on Jules.  It makes sense because she loves her, but it is definitely an unstable love.  The two discuss Rue’s life and problems in a nearby diner for the entirety of the episode. We also get a close look inside Ali’s personal life, which I’m sure will turn up again in the release of Season 2.  

I thought this episode was very different from any other episodes that had been released in the past. The usual high energy, dramatic, intense theme in almost all episodes on Season 1 was absent in this Special.  It was deep and intense (in a different way).  More solemn and quiet, to really show us how much Rue is struggling mentally.  It made the audience reflect while watching instead of waiting for the next cliffhanger or climax moment.

Part 2, on the other hand, is all about Jules.  Like Part 1, we again see foreshadowing events to Rue and Jules living together in an apartment. We are confirmed in Part 2 that these are just dreams/wishes that Rue and Jules are both experiencing, and they are intended for the audience to see their connection on a deeper level.  Jules’ episode occurs entirely during her first appointment with a therapist, whom her dad is making her see.  She ends up opening up about her transitioning experience, her mother, Tyler, the persona put on by Nate Jacobs, and how easily she falls in love.  To put it simply, she feels judged and looked past by everyone besides Rue.  But she also feels responsible for all of Rue’s relapses as if she’s trapped in a loop.

Jules has internalized trauma from her mother and childhood, believing that she is never deserving of real love, and if she does find it, she runs. The acting in this show is some of the best I’ve seen, and I’m very excited for what’s to come with the release of a whole new season.

I enjoyed this Special release and how it differed from the original episodes I’m used to.  In general, I love how controversial this show can be when it addresses specific topics.  But, honestly, I think the directors do this to show that “taboo” concepts, such as sex, drugs, and addiction, shouldn’t be controversial.  They’re real aspects of life, and although they are dramatized with visual effects and camera angles, they are essential to realizing their significance.

If you haven’t seen Euphoria yet, but still decided to read until the end, I highly recommend you watch it ASAP…you won’t be disappointed!!!

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