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Essentials to Liven Up Your Tiny Space

Written by Jessica Bourcy '23

Decorating a dorm can be tricky, especially given that they aren't exactly cute by nature. It can also be very time consuming and extremely overwhelming to comb the internet for the cutest pieces. However, it is also super exciting to start from scratch and make a space your own. I have some links to my favorite items and websites below that I never go without and are sure to spice up any small space. 

Create the bed

Your bed is arguably the most important part of your space. Not only is it where you spend most of your time, but it is the focal point to all who enter your tiny space. Adding a fur throw and pillows can take your space to a whole new level. Also, adding a no-nails headboard like the one from Pottery Barn shown here can make the space feel much more like home. 

Add lighting

Whether you're into fairy lights or neon signs are more your vibe, the lighting you choose to add completely sets the mood in any space. It's always good to add a tableside table to your bedside table as well. 

  My favorite no-nails wall decor

The best way to fill empty wall space is with art or posters. Some of my favorites come from Society 6. Adding picture frames to dressers and desks are also a must.

Peel n Stick Wallpaper

Peel and stick wallpaper is the latest buzz. It's all over social media and dorm decor websites, for a good reason. This is super low maintenance, easy to apply, and is sure to brighten any space. Some of my favorites come from Society 6.

Comfy chair

If you like to have a spot to lounge other than your desk or bed, adding a bean bag chair or a pouf is essential and can add so much life to your space. 

Makeup table

One of the best decisions I made when leaving for school this semester is to bring my lighted vanity lamp. These are super easy to carry and transport and will completely transform the way you get ready in your dorm room. 

Desk decor

Since the Pandemic, we are spending a lot more time in our rooms than we would like. This means that you are most likely also doing a lot of schoolwork there as well. The easiest way to upgrade your space and invite creativity while you work is to add cute pieces to your workspace. This could mean adding a plant or greenery or even just adding cute bookends or notebook organizers. Either way, you will not regret it.

Stylish storage

Although dorm storage is usually ugly and bulky, it is easy to find fun pieces to counteract this. Whether you’re looking for under-the-bed bins or fun hampers, CB2 is a great place to start.

Add a Candle or an Alternative

Adding scent to a small space, particularly while living in a dorm, is SO important. Candles can be so cute and fun; most times, I use them as decor over anything. However, dorm life sometimes doesn’t allow for candles, so a diffuser is an excellent alternative. Either can add so much to your space and make all the difference.

Disclaimer: Her Campus St. Law U is neither sponsored by nor affiliated with any brands or companies mentioned in this article. 

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