Elton John Movie Review

If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE Elton John fan. Even as a young child, I absolutely loved Elton John, admiring his over-the-top fashions, flashy sunglasses, and catchy songs. Tiny Dancer has always been one of my all-time favorite songs, which is evident if you have ever heard me belt it in the car. I actually had the opportunity to see Elton perform on his Farewell Tour in Canada last October, marking one of the best nights of my life. I still cannot believe to this day I was able to see him in concert, as it had always been a dream of mine, assuming it would never be accomplished. When news of the Elton John movie arrived, titled Rocketman, I was naturally met with great excitement. As I’m sure most of you know, the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, was released earlier the same year (I am also a die-hard Queen/Freddie Mercury fan) which I absolutely loved. It is such a beautiful, intense, and entertaining film, so if you have not had the chance to see it yet, do so ASAP! However, what I appreciated most about the Bohemian Rhapsody is that is was almost like an ode to Freddie who has passed now decades ago. Thus, I was met with utter confusion as to why a movie summarizing Elton was being created since he is still living and has so much left to do and accomplish in life. My skepticism kept me from the movie theaters upon its release, but my mom, sister, and I promised to watch it together once it hit the TV screen. I finally got the chance to watch it with them over Thanksgiving break after much anticipation, so here are my thoughts.

One aspect of Rocketman that I was particularly worried about was that the songs would not be sung by Elton, but that actor who was impersonating him, Taron Egerton, would be singing them. Personally, I am not a fan of covers in general and tend to get irritated listening to a song that is not sung by the original artist, so this obviously posed as a huge concern for me. However, Egerton completely flipped my initial perception with his exceptional vocals and renditions of Elton’s classic hits. I still found myself singing along to the tunes, enjoying every second. If I’m being honest, I was not thrilled with the movie within the first five to ten minutes. I had not done my research and I was not aware that some of the scenes in the movie operate as a musical would, so this definitely took me aback. Once I became acclimated to this film style, I wound up enjoying it a lot (I am actually a massive fan of musicals and anything related to Broadway, I just was not expecting it!). These specific scenes of song and dance were so beautifully crafted and visually appealing, glueing my eyes to the screen. It was so interesting to get a better sense of Elton’s childhood and early career, allowing fans and viewers to understand him better and the struggles he endured. I only knew a little bit about these events, so it was really eye-opening watching his life unfold right in front of me. Not to mention, it was so fun to see all the recreations of Elton’s iconic looks which I’ve only seen before in photos and album covers. 

This film proved my initial judgements to be completely false, as I ended up really enjoying the movie. It was very inspiring to watch all the mental and social battles Elton has sustained and comparing it to the amazing man he is today and all the good he has done for our world. Similarly, this film raises many significant concerns for social justice issues that are still being fought for today. In my opinion, this is one of the most important aspects of the film. 


I do still hope that someone makes a film about Elton once he passes (I hope this day never comes!) to reflect on the entirety of his existence, as I believe he still has a lot more to accomplish in his life based on his track-record. My love for Elton John reigns supreme to this day, and Rocketman served as a very special treat for my mom, sister, and I to relish in together. Go watch it now!