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Course Registration As Told By the Characters of New Girl

When figuring out which classes you need to sign up for, you often start by going to meet with your advisor, who, let’s be honest, you only meet with once per semester before registration. So, if they’re not as helpful as you’d hoped, what’s next?

Asking your friends about the level of difficulty of each class you are required to take.

But also figuring out what classes you can all take together.

Setting your alarm for 6:45 AM the night before.

*Alarm goes off at 6:45 AM*


Making sure the wifi is on and hoping it’s working properly.


* 7:00 * Can I click register?!?

You click register and it says “processing” for over a minute.

“Processing complete, registration was successful.”

And finally, after you get into your final two classes on Thursday, registration is finally done.  


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