Coffee Orders You Must Try

I’m completely addicted to coffee. It’s sort of a problem, but when I’m at school and find myself getting less and less sleep as the semester goes on, I don’t feel as guilty about it. No one else is going to stay awake and do my work for me! Due to my obsession, I have become pretty well-versed in the coffee arena if I do say so myself. Dare-I-say an expert, quite frankly. While I do often get mixed up with all the different types of caffeinated beverages available at coffee shops, I have settled with a few basics that I think most people would enjoy as well. 

First and foremost, a great black coffee is always a solid. Now, I do realize that this affinity comes with time, but once you’ve become an experienced coffee drinker, there is nothing better. However, you can get really bad black coffee every so often, so be choosy where you get it from. I only purchase black coffee from my favorite, trustworthy coffee shops because I know it will be good coffee; not a watered down, bitter version. Of course, you can also add your choice of cream or sugar to give your drink some creamy sweetness. Have fun with your tastebuds! 

My drink of choice during the fall season is a dirty chai. I used to not like the spicy flavor, but over the years I have grown to absolutely love it. I enjoy it iced or hot and always add either soy milk or almond milk (I’m lactose intolerant so feel free to adjust this order to your liking). The “dirty” part of the chai is simply just espresso, giving you that extra boost of energy required to get through a busy day. This is my favorite treat and I have so much fun testing it out at various coffee shops to see which spot serves the best one.

If you are a chocolate lover, you will absolutely love mochas. These beverages can often be super rich, especially if you order it with whole milk. If you are faint of heart, you can always just get a pump or two of mocha added to black coffee or substitute your milk for a dairy free alternative. Mocha’s are a delicacy that I get once in a blue moon when I’m in the mood for something extra sugary. I also adore peppermint mochas in the winter to celebrate the holiday season. I find that this is a great mid-day coffee order. It’s the perfect pick-me-up!

Obviously, everyone loves a latte. I prefer mine iced and as I mentioned before, with either soy milk or almond milk (people have been raving about oat milk lattes, but I haven’t had the chance to try one yet!) Personally, I like a caramel or vanilla lattes, which are usually the basic flavors \ most places serve. However, if you happen to pass by a maple latte, you must try it! I have had the opportunity to purchase this drink a few times at random coffee shops and it has yet to fail me! So tasty!

Something that I have grown to love over the years is ordering a cappuccino following dinner at a restaurant. I never ask for milk substitutes in this order, so it is a special treat for me. It is such an amazing way to end a meal and provides you with just the right amount of sweetness. This frothy drink is super delicious and can even be made into cool designs if you go to the right places. Next time you’re out for a meal, think about saving some room for a warm cappuccino; your stomach will thank you!