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Charlotte Barry ’21: SpoonU at SLU

Earlier this week, I took time to interview one of my fellow classmates and friend Charlotte Barry. Charlotte is a First Year at SLU and is involved in a variety of clubs around campus, making herself an avid contributor to the community. One of her main contributions is being President of the club SpoonU here at SLU.

Q: What is SpoonU?

A: SpoonU is a food blog that combines photography, videography, and marketing. Similar to Her Campus, it is split up into different chapters specific to different campuses around the globe.

Q: How did you get involved in SpoonU?

A: A friend contacted me saying the club was going to be shut down and they thought of me because I love to write and come from a big “foodie” family. This was something that i learned about before coming to campus, but didn’t know that there was a chapter here at SLU. The friend came to me and asked if I would be willing to restart it.

Q: How can people get involved?

A: If people would like to be apart of the club they should go to Spoonuniveristy.com/apply to become a member of our ever growing chapter! Our meetings are held every Monday on the second floor of Carnegie. Come and bring a friend and be ready to share what you have to bring to the table!

Q: For a team member, what would their responsibilities be?

A: Depending on where their interests lie, they are able to be creative, no one has to strictly do something. They can do marketing, social media, writing, take videos, it can really be anything. It allows students to interact with the community and share their love of food!

Q: Are there any upcoming events?

A: There will be a bake sale held in the Student Center where we will distribute free goodies and swag to all those who are interested in the community to join our club!

Q: What has been your favorite part of running SpoonU?

A: Meeting new faces on campus and being able to interact with the community in a new way. Also writing and having a leadership position and meeting other representatives. It’s been more of a professional environment which makes the club seem more official which is fun.

If anyone is interested, feel free to contact Charlotte Barry '21, cebarr17@stlawu.edu as she is more than happy to help you get involved! We hope to see some new faces at the next meeting this upcoming Monday. Have a great week!

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