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This year, it is more important than ever to find ways to have fun indoors. What better way to stay safe and festive this holiday season than to have a hot chocolate bar in your own home! Whether you like to stick to the traditional marshmallows and whipped cream or you like to venture into the land of new flavors and toppings, this list provides everything you need to know and consider if you want to plan the most fun and festive hot chocolate bar you can dream of!


1. The Mug

Presentation is key when it comes to hot chocolate. Do you want a lively, festive hot chocolate bar with mugs resembling Rudolph and Frosty? Would you rather create a soft and Winter themed with muted colors and mugs that resemble the natural world outside? There are so many options and ways to make this much more than just a cup of hot chocolate. 


2. Flavors 

Now we get to choose the chocolate! There are two very popular ways you can go about this — using packets or making the drink from scratch. Personally, I find Swiss Miss to be the best brand for powder, due to its creamy texture and its many flavor options. My favorites are Dark Chocolate and Caramel Cream. If you prefer to make it from scratch, I recommend following Rebecca Plotnick’s recipe, which tastes almost exactly like Paris’ rich and creamy “chocolat chaud” from the famous cafe, Angelina. 

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3. Colors and Design

When I was younger, I loved having orange hot chocolate around Halloween, and it came in the cutest packaging, perfect for the season. I’ve always wondered if there were more products similar to that. Turns out there is! Head over to McSteven’s to shop all sorts of colors and fun packaging designs for different events and holidays throughout the year!

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4. Toppings

Here’s where things get even more fun! A few of my favorite topping ideas are M&Ms, Pepperidge Farm’s Pirouette Cookies, cinnamon sticks, candy canes, chocolate shavings, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. 


These are just a few ideas of thousands! Use these ideas and your own imagination to come up with the best hot chocolate bar for you and your family and friends, and have a safe and festive holiday season!


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