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Best On-Campus Study Spaces

Here at St. Lawrence, we have a very accessible library known as Owen D. Young, or ODY for short. Although the library is a great place to study with friends or by yourself, there are many other awesome study spaces located around campus that can provide a change of scenery. Check them out!

  • The Brush Quad – The Quad is a great place to sit outside with friends on a sunny day and get some work done (while also getting some Vitamin D). Some people bring out blankets to sit on or grab one of the Adirondack chairs under the trees.  

  • Science Library study rooms and desks – This is one of the two libraries on campus, and it is located next to the science buildings across from the Student Center. Many students assume that only those studying the sciences can use this space, however, that is definitely not the case! It is open to all students and is a lot less busy (aka, a LOT more quiet) than Owen D. Young Library. Plus, it is a much closer walk if you are a First Year student coming from your residence hall.

  • The Java Quad – This is the green area that is spread out between the Johnson Hall of Science and the Sullivan Student Center. When the weather is nice, you can sit here and do work on the stones, Adirondack chairs, or tables set up outside. It is a great option if you still want to get school work done while being in the middle of the “hustle and bustle” of students walking to the gym, to class, or to the Student Center.

  • Hammocks – Getting bored of desks? Set up a hammock between two trees around campus and get some of that last minute reading done.  

  • Newell Field House –You may not think that the Newell Field House would be the best place to knock out some work, but the tables near the Stafford Fitness Center are open for when the library is full and you are in need of a place to go. Plus, if you get hungry, the Time Out Cafe is right there, so you can grab a snack, a sandwich or soup, and something to drink while you get your work done.

  • Tree Houses – You may have seen the raised cubicles on the 2nd floor of ODY and wondered if they would be an effective study space. These tree houses are equipped with desk space and outlets, and they were designed to help students study above the “line of distraction” that makes up the surrounding tables used for collaborative work. Often you will find students camped out here during exam weeks!

  • Residence Hall Lounges – Take advantage of the lounge right next to your room! Walking to the library can sometimes be a lot (especially in the winter months), so take full advantage of the lounge closest to you and relax here with other members of your hall.

  • Herring Cole Reading Room – This beautiful study spot is great for when you really want a quiet area to get (and stay) focused. If you are looking for a spot with absolutely no distractions, this is the place for you. Not to mention, the gorgeous interior will help add to your study environment.

  • Sullivan Student Center 3rd Floor – In the student center, as you go up each floor it gets quieter. The student center is a great place to hang out with friends, but if you want to get some work done, the third floor is the place to be.

  • Brewer Bookstore Café and Fireplace – This is a less popular, yet cozy and scenic, spot on campus. The second floor has a large window that overlooks the pathway to the Sullivan Student Center, which is a great view regardless of the season. Plus, the first floor of the Brewer Bookstore has a cafe which serves Caribou Coffee, a brand started by a female St. Lawrence alumnus!

  • The Winston Room – Located right on the first floor of the Sullivan Student Center, the Winston Room is a nice open space with couches, tables, and chairs to get some work done while still being next to the social scene surrounding the Pub. This area is great because it is easy to go grab a snack or a meal while studying, the bathrooms are right next to it, and the printers are easily accessible. For an *extra* quiet space, go up the stairs and overlooking the Winston Room is a second floor that borders the outer walls (because the Winston Room is typically used for shows, guest speakers, etc.) and there are small tables with chairs as well.

(Photos: St. Lawrence University Instagram (@stlawrenceu), St. Lawrence University website (www.stlawu.edu), Lilly Bianchi, Colby Hoffman)


Hi! I am Colby Hoffman, a Boston-born Campus Correspondent at St. Lawrence University located in Canton, New York. I am in the Class of 2020 and am pursuing a major in Communications with a minor in Sociology. Aside from running our chapter, I am also a member of the Women's Lacrosse Team, a content strategist on the University's Social Media Team, the Alumni Relations Chair of Delta Delta Delta Sorority, and an Ambassador & Tour Guide in our Admissions Office! In my free time, I enjoy going for walks around our beautiful campus, hanging out with friends over good food, researching travel destinations, and drinking iced coffee.
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