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I recently have been getting bored with mainstream apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., and been spending a lot of time on Vsco.  I guess it could be seen as a mainstream app because most people I know do have and frequently use it, but it’s more private and has a specific aesthetic to it different from other apps.  I think another way it is so personal is it doesn’t broadcast who interacts with you posted content to the public.  Only the person who posts the content can see who is interacting with their media, besides republishes, which is different from all other socials.  Here are some of my favorite public accounts that post things from art to fashion to quotes and just content that will inspire you in many ways.


1. @sugabeetclub

This account features photographs all shot on iPhone and edited through Vsco itself.  Lots of abstract architecture featuring people, animals, textiles, and greenery.  Warm, glowy tones also spread a message, depending on how you interpret the content.  

2. @quotesforthesoul

Basically representing its username, quotesforthesoul is a page dedicated to quotes about inspiration, love, peace, and empowerment using a graphic of some sort to boost its aesthetic presence.  I like this account because each post is so different, yet still represents art through words and images rather than one of the two.

3. @rodolfohernandez

This account is owned by the author of the book “Remedies & Tragedies” and encompasses his “musings and thoughts” all signed with “RH.”  All grayscale backgrounds with typewriter font expressing thoughts, sounds, and times of life.  This account is very much simplistic looking, but its words make up for it and get you thinking.

4. @7pants

An account on the darker side, in terms of color and content, 7pants kind of reminds me of an angsty teen portraying their feelings through online media.  Quotes, screenshots, photographs, graphics一this account posts almost every kind of content.  Lots of dark colors and a lot of ironic humor which is why it makes it onto this list.

5. @mary-cate-

This one might be my favorite of them all because of the specific aesthetic it presents.  Photographs surrounding fashion, women, and beauty with every post seeming so meticulously perfect from lighting to props to overall color scheme.  This account may seem basic to some, but I think whoever runs it is seriously talented and really knows how to make a statement.


Each of these accounts is very different, so if you haven’t stalked or checked any of them out before I definitely recommend it. I get lost in scrolling through accounts like these, so I’m sure you will too!



Claire Wergin

St Law U '22

Hi! My name is Claire Wergin, a proud member of HC at St Law U! I'm studying Communications and Psychology with a focus and intended career in Social Media/Public Relations. Some of my favorite things to do outside of the classroom are spending time with family & friends, baking, traveling, and exercising!
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