Amazing Grace: An Interview with Grace King

This past week, I had the opportunity to interview one of the coolest, most hard-working Saints on campus, who luckily enough, I knew previously from my hometown! She’s involved in practically everything SLU has to offer, and Fall Fest would not have happened without her and the rest of the ACE crew’s hard work. Meet Grace King…

Where are you from and what year are you?

I’m from Yarmouth, Maine (super close to Portland) and I am a junior.


What are you involved in on campus?

I’m the co-concert chair of ACE, a member of the women’s golf team, Theme House Coordinator of Commons College, and president of the junior class. I am also an Admissions Ambassador and an Orientation Leader for first years.

How was co-organizing Fall Fest?

SO much fun! Something that I’m not sure people realize is that we start planning for Fallfest as soon as Springfest is over. So the whole event is the product of five months of work. We begin with booking the artist and move forward from there. The last few weeks before the show are always the busiest, making sure all the details are set for me; it is the absolute best kind of busy. I feel so privileged to get to work with ACE. My role as Co-Concert chair is one of my favorite parts of my St. Lawrence identity. Each year, as I watch the show come together to the point when the speakers are blasting and the crowd is dancing and singing along, I am always overwhelmed with excitement and pride. The energy the concerts bring to campus makes me feel like I am a part of something much bigger than myself, and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world.


What is your favorite thing about SLU?

It’s so hard to pinpoint just one thing. For me, there are so many wonderful aspects of St. Lawrence that have made it such an important part of my life. If I have to pick just one, I would say the community that everyone who has any connection to SLU creates here. On campus, everyone here is so incredibly passionate about St. Lawrence. It creates such a positive, inspiring energy that I love being around.

But it also extends so far beyond Canton. The friendliness and passion of the St. Lawrence community is not confined to the physical walls of our campus. My favorite example of this is that when I was driving back to school in August, a car passed me and was frantically waving in my direction after seeing the SLU sticker on the back of my car. When I looked back over, the girl in the passenger seat had a sign stuck to the window that said “I love the Tick Tock.” I had no idea who they were, but I started laughing and waving at them. It was a small but amazing connection to complete strangers on the highway. For me, that moment symbolized so many interactions I’ve had with SLU people, both on campus and off. We all share a common connection to and passion for this place. It’s amazing.