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Adapting to College As a First Year in 2020

Throughout high school, I always envisioned what college would be like and what experiences I would have. I wondered if I would have good professors, friends, and manage my workload well. While those worries are important, adapting to college in 2020 has created many unforeseen obstacles.


As the class of 2024, we left high school in a state of confusion. Most of us didn’t have the standard senior year experience- no prom, sports, or graduation. Because our class didn’t get to officially close the chapter of our lives at high school, there was a sense of limbo. I felt like I was done with high school, but also hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye to many classmates and teachers. I spent the summer aware that I was going to be leaving for college, however strange that idea sounded. Trying to prepare yourself for a situation that no one else has experienced before is daunting. Despite these struggles, though, our class has adapted quickly to the ever-changing world around us.


Meeting new people is one of the outset experiences people encounter as freshmen in college. Before, students were able to meet their peers through social gatherings, club events, and classes. As a side effect of COVID-19, the class of 2024 is learning new ways of interacting with the student body, while maintaining social distancing and face mask protocols. Online orientations, classes, and club meetings- however different are providing the necessary connection we need. Spending months in quarantine has taught us how important the human connection is. Putting yourself in situations to make friends virtually is difficult. However, remembering that we are all in this together, as cliche as that sounds, is important. Every freshman is trying to make friends and fit in alongside you.

New Normal

College life may not be what we expected, but we should commend ourselves for getting here. We persevered through the absence of a formal end to high school and managed to ready ourselves for college. We are meeting new people, no matter how strange virtual life is. What we are achieving is impressive.


  1. Celebrate the small victories
  2. Be patient with yourself
  3. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
  4. Remember self-care
  5. Talk to someone if you’re struggling


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Hello! I'm Catherine Weeks! I'm a member of HC St Law U, class of 2024. I'm planning on focussing my studies in the social science department, possibly majoring in Global Studies and minoring in Environmental Studies. I hope to work in politics, specifically human relations. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, traveling, reading, and eating good food.
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