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8 Ways to Make Your Friends Birthday at SLU #FUN #FLIRTY & #FLAWLESS

8 Ways to Make Your Friend’s Birthday @ SLU #FUN #FLIRTY & #FLAWLESS!

Heres a few tips to make your friends birthday’s at school even better than they would be at home!

1.    Decorate Their Room

Decorating your friend’s dorm room can make their birthday immediately better. Girls love when people recognize that it’s their day, and spicing up their dorm room makes it feel even more special. You can use items such as balloons (lots and lots of them!), streamers, posters, and birthday cards, in order to create a celebration within your friend’s own space.

2.    Cactus in Potsdam for a Fish Bowl/Birthday Sundae

Cactus is a Mexican restaurant closely located in Potsdam, NY. Cactus brings great birthday energy and has a really fun atmosphere. If you’re 21, treat your friend to a drink called a fishbowl. It probably will be the biggest margarita they’ve ever had, and they are available in about 100 different flavors. But, if that isn’t your forte – get the sundae. The sundae is in a fried tortilla bowl, includes chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a thick sparkler that goes higher than your head. Cactus is always a fun time, especially for a special occasion like your BFF’s special day!


3.    Sake Bombing

Sake bombing is a great way to get your night started if you are 21 or over. Sake bombing requires a shot of sake (Japanese liquor) that is balanced on two chopsticks over beer. The goal of the game is to bang your hands on the table until the sake becomes unbalanced and falls into the beer. Once it’s fallen into beer, you begin to chug. Take the birthday girl to the Asian Buffet or Pub 56 (which is on campus) and play this drinking game because it’s inexpensive, good for big groups of people, and a lot of fun.

4.    Go Out For Dinner

There are so many great restaurants to take your squad out in either Canton or Potsdam. 1844, The Ole Smokehouse, The Club, Maxfield’s, and Jake’s on the Water are all great places to get a delicious meal off campus. Get your friend a birthday tiara and get some decorations for the table and it will definitely be a fun night!

5.    Make Your Friend A CAKE!!!!

Birthday cakes are always a great and easy way to make someone feel special. You can get really cute, fun candles at Walmart to decorate with. Having a cake allows you to sing to them and it’s also just an excuse to bake and eat, which is always fun! Also… who doesn’t like cake?!

6.    Montreal For the Weekend

Montreal is the place to go if you’re not 21 and over because the drinking age is 18! There are so many bars, clubs, and cute restaurants, and on top of that there are many nice, inexpensive hotels where you and your friends can stay for a birthday weekend. Hotel 10 is awesome and close to the club New City Gas and the bar Tokyo, which are some of the must go places to visit when you are there! Montreal is a really fun city that offers a ton of different variety of shopping, awesome sight seeing spots, and in general is just a great city to visit (see our Montreal Weekend Getaway post for more tips and suggestions!)

7.    Throw Them a Party!

Whether you are friends with people in the townhouses, suites, or any of the residences off campus, house parties are always fun. You could even make it a themed party and get creative with outfits! It is a good idea to plan in advance because you want to make sure something will be happening that night for your friend. You can get all of your friends in on this idea to make your friend’s birthday really special, and on top of that, your friend would love a surprise that gathers all her close friends to celebrate her birthday!


8.    Jake’s On The Water

Jake’s on the Water is a great place for you and your friends to enjoy a birthday meal with an amazing view. People love this place for brunch, but they also can accommodate for big groups and dinner parties. They have a great drink and food menu with a ton of different options for all different appetites. Sometimes the service can be slow, so if you go with a big group, it’d be easier to enjoy a prolonged dinner to celebrate your friend.

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