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5 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

1. Make your bed. This may seem like common sense, but making your bed each morning will get your day started off in the right direction. Not only will it make your room cleaner, but it will also make you feel like you have your life completely organized (even when you don’t). Making your bed will prevent you from getting back into it throughout the rest of the day and it provides a great surface for folding laundry or picking out an outfit for class the next day!



2. Make an effort to clean. If you have a roommate, try to set a goal to create a cleaning schedule for each week. This will make your room cleaner and will also help to get rid of all of the dust that tends to build up. If you don’t have a roommate, try to figure out a time that works for you and make sure you stick to that schedule!


3. Use bins to organize. Bins are great for organizing your dorm room because they can be used for almost anything. You can use bins to store clothes, shoes, and even food! By labeling your bins with duct tape or chalkboard paint, they’ll look nicer and help you to always remember what’s in them.


4. Use hooks to hang clothes. Sometimes it is hard to keep your room clean with wet towels on the floor. Putting hooks on your wall allows you to hang towels, jackets, and backpacks. Command hooks work great because they are easy to stick on your wall and can be removed easily. No need to throw your towels are the ground when you can hang them up nicely!



5. Do your laundry. I always catch myself wondering if I should just wait another week to do my laundry, but it makes my room so much more organized when I actually clean all of my clothes and linens. This will also help you put your clothes away because they will be clean and nicely folded, giving you more incentive to keep them that way. By doing your laundry and putting all of your clothes away, your room will be well organized and spotless!



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