5 Different Outfits To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Whether or not you are single, in a committed relationship or “it’s complicated”, Valentine’s day should be a day to celebrate. When you are out on your dates or Netflix binges, there is always room to look your best! Here are a few different date night/ single night outfits you can rock!

The Love Yourself Night

Whether its having a Galentines day party or celebrating with your per usual Netflix binge of romantic comedies, these casual cozy outfits will help you remain festive. Beautiful satin nighties are great for relaxing in bed or those white plush robes will keep you warm on that February night. Don’t forget to bring the popcorn!

The Boastful Beauty Night

Boast in your beauty with these girls night outfits! Celebrate your relationship with your friends on the town. Over the knee heeled boots are great for adding a pop to your outfit. All black everything is coming back and is sure to make you feel like your best self.

The Date Night Prep

For all of those lovelies that have a date on this fine day (with your friends or a boy), here are some different date night outfits for you! Sweater dresses are a great way to dress up for a lunch date. Another new trend that I have seen is adding a high turtle neck to your skirt or jeans. If you are feeling like you really want to dress up for that special someone, add a pair of heels to a flowy dress.


The Casual Beauty

Sometimes dressing in dresses and skirts are not for everyone. If you really want to be literal with Valentine’s day, add a shirt with a heart! It shows you are festive but you don’t have to wear those agonizing heels all day. If you feel like dressing up a bit more, you can add a blazer to your outfit which will make it very business/professional. However, don’t forget accessories! Many of you ladies have a bright V day colored handbag. If you do, you can always add it to a casual outfit to make it pop.

Festive During the Day

Valentine’s day is not for everyone, trust me. The Valentine’s day aisle is very overwhelming with all of those colors. Dressing in white helps break out from that red or bright pink crowd. In this case, those little elbow pads help show your support for this day. Dressing in accessories that have a rose quartz color is a simple way to remain pretty in light pink. Have a wonderful holiday!