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5 Apps I’ve Been Loving the Past Few Months

As any young adult, I spend more time on my phone than I should these days. I’ve been downloading more apps than usual, and exploring the realm of free games, editing apps, and more. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite, “waste your time on your phone” apps.

1. Unfold

This is an editing app for pictures that I recently downloaded. It’s basically a collage app, allowing you to put multiple pictures in one frame. Although this sounds pretty boring, I actually like it much more than any other collage app I’ve used. It provides multiple options of how you want your pictures to be arranged, and allows you to create projects, collecting all your collages into one folder. I also find the layout to be much more aesthetically pleasing and simple. I have yet to know all the functions of the app, but will keep exploring as I go. This app is also great for birthday posts on instagram, which is how I started using it!

2. BlockuDoku​

This app is a very simple game, but one that I find relaxing to play. It’s somewhat of a puzzle, in that you are given different shapes to place in a sudoku-like box, and try to fit them against each other to fill a square or row/column. It’s tricky to explain, but if you like easy puzzles and something that you can mindlessly play as you listen to music, sit in bed, watch TV, etc, then I’d highly recommend it!

3. Wordscapes​

This app is another game. If you’ve ever played Boggle, it’s a bit similar to this. On each level, you are given about 4-6 letters (depending on what level you’re on), and the goal is to create a bunch of words using only the letters given. There is a crossword puzzle that sits above the letters, where the words you create fit into. I personally love word games, so I find this one super entertaining, and one that works your brain a bit too. The only downside is the multiplicity of adds that pop up every two or three levels you play (just a heads up).

4. Pandora

This app, I’m sure you all know… But I put it in because I recently re-downloaded the app. I am a big fan of Spotify, but I have transitioned a bit to using Pandora as another means of finding new music and listening to different songs. I use Spotify’s radio feature, choosing a specific artist or a playlist of mine to work off of, but the same songs eventually pop up. I then turn to Pandora when this happens, and love that they give a new mixture of songs I can listen to.

So if you haven’t gone back into the app in a while, I’d suggest switching up your means of exploring new music, in hopes that you find some new stuff you’ll love!

5. Crossword

Once again, my last app is another game. This is the New Yorker Crossword Puzzle app, which I have been loving for a while now. I’m not very good at these puzzles, which is why I was reluctant to download the app, but their daily puzzles are miniature, therefore being perfect for me! Everyday, without a subscription, the app gives you a 4 x 4 or 5 x 4 crossword puzzle to tackle. They get harder as the week continues, like the regular sized ones in the paper do, but since they are miniature, they’re much easier to do. If you subscribe, you’ll get many more puzzles to choose from, but I stick to playing for free and enjoy completing a new puzzle every day! It’s a perfect thing to do while drinking your coffee, or chilling and watching TV.

Hope you try out some of these apps and enjoy them!

I’m Daphne Stanton and I’m a sophomore at St. Lawrence.
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