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4 Socially-Distant Fall Activities To Do In The North Country

I think one of the positive outcomes to come out of being on campus during the Fall 2020 semester is making the most of what St. Lawrence County has to offer. For many of us who have decided to return to campus for the fall, this semester has definitely required some changes to the typical SLU lifestyle. Although there are many changes to on-campus life, it is still an amazing time to appreciate and make the most of being in such an organically beautiful place. We are so lucky to be able to call St. Lawrence County our home, and with that comes the responsibility of protecting the community and respecting those who share this amazing place with us. Here are some ideas of what to do in St. Lawrence County that are safe, fun, and Laurentian Pact approved.


We are so lucky to be loctaed near some of the country's most beautiful mountains. Hiking is a great socially distant activity to do with friends and a great way to spend a beautiful day in the North Country. Azure Mountain and Mount Arab are located within St. Lawrence County, and offer some pretty incredible views.

Local Dining

Park Bro's Coffee (previously known as the Bagelry), Little Italy, and Nature's Storehouse are some great examples of places to eat in downtown Canton. Not to mention, they are right across the street from the Canton Village Park. When you are feeling like branching out from on-campus dining, getting food in town is a great way to support local businesses and get off-campus.


One of my all-time favorite things to do when I return to SLU is to go thrift shopping. Canton and Potsdam have some really great thrift stores. Buying used clothes is not only a great way to support the community, but it is also much more ecologically and environmentally friendly. One of my go-to/favorite stores is Classy Collectibles, located next to Dollar General.

Apple Picking

As the weather starts to get colder as we approach Fall, there is no better place to be than in Upstate New York. There are numerous apple orchards within St. Lawrence County. Fobare's Fruits not only offers apple picking, but they also sell homemade apple cider and donuts (not to mention they have a giant in-ground trampoline).

Hopefully, this article gives you some ideas of ways to spend your time when back at SLU. Although this semester definitely brought some challenges, for those of us lucky to be back, there are still so many things to do and so much to be appreciated for here in St. Lawrence County.


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