4 Reasons You Should Try Solo Travel

Are you nervous about traveling on your own? Here are four reasons why you should based on what I have learned through personal experience!

1. You get to do things on your own time:

You will make experiences and memories in a much different way than you would if you were with other people or friends. When you are on your own you get to do absolutely everything your way, whether that means getting up early or staying out later in the day, scheduling organized visits to sites, leisurely touring areas of a city on foot, sitting at a cafe or restaurant for hours, window shopping, talking to locals or other travelers, pondering in museums, or sitting on benches to people watch...it’s all up to you and you are on your own schedule.

2. You have to learn to look out for yourself:

Through traveling alone you will grow your maturity, independence, and sense of direction. Accelerating your self-sufficiency is a skill that will help you in the long run. Not to mention, you will learn how to ask for help when you need it. Whether you get lost in an unfamiliar area or are not sure how a local custom works, it will be up to you to figure out how to go about the situation alone. This also applies to the physical aspect of traveling as well. While taking trains, planes, buses, or taxis/Uber for getting to various locations, you will have to learn how to handle yourself when things go wrong. I experienced this for myself when I missed my flight back to the U.S from Australia (!). Although I was stressed out and emotional when the situation unfolded, looking back in retrospect I know that in the future I will be much more level-headed and will go about it in a resourceful manner. Things happen-- you just need to take action for yourself and remedy the problem if it should arise!

3. You get to try new activities, or get to practice old ones:

Being alone will give you room and time to think or do things that you love without the distraction of others around you. If you love taking photos, walking or running outside, reading a good book, or writing in a journal, traveling alone gives you the space to do so freely!

4. Maybe you’ll figure out that solo travel might not be for you:

If you ever feel a little lonely during a solo trip, you will now have a new appreciation for traveling with company. Even if you figure out that you prefer to travel with others, traveling alone is an experience that will teach you a lot about yourself, and opportunities for self-growth are always important! If you could travel to any destination on your own, where would you go first? HCXO!

(Photos: Colby Hoffman)