15 Reasons Why You’re Glad to be Back at SLU

A little home and relaxation is always good and imporant, but everyone is always excited to get into the SLU groove. Here is a list of some of the things that we are looking forward to now that we are all settled in on campus. 

A new semester means a fresh start!


You can showcase all of those new, super cute winter clothes that you have been waiting to wear (did somebody say cozy sweaters?).


You missed your freedom and independence. No parents, no rules!!


You are taking a whole new set of classes.


You get to hear about all the things your friends did over break.


You are counting down the days until Titus.


You missed having Sunday morning brunch at Dana, loading up on food, and going over all the crazy things that happened the night before.


You missed cheering at SLU hockey games (Cluck Farkson!).


You are looking forward to meeting new people. New classes + a new schedule = more friends.


At home, you had to cook your own food and you really started to miss the convenience of Dana and the Pub.


Your mom didn’t approve of your diet of Dr. Feelgoods and Sergi’s.


You finally learned how to dance and you can’t wait to show off your new moves at the Ticker!


You were starting to get separation anxiety due to being away from your friends.


You missed the crazy parties and adventures.


You love SLU and are so pumped for an amazing spring semester!