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11 Things To Do This Holiday Season


Many people’s favorite time of the year is when the leaves start to turn bright colors and sweaters start making an appearance in closets. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the chilly weather is the perfect time to curl up in a blanket with a book or wrap up in layers for a snowball fight. Especially during this time of Covid and quarantines, these festivities are here to brighten the rest of your year. Here are some perfect ideas for you, your friends, your family, and your significant other to enjoy this season. 


1. Game Night

A couple of competitive card game rounds, or just a chill game of Monopoly, what better way to spend quality time with your people?


2. (Distanced) Tailgating

Whether going to a sports match or tuning into one on the TV, being with family and friends to watch a big game is always exciting. Chips, dip, pizza, and wings are all necessities for cheering on your favorite team. 


3. Exercise

For those gym gurus, this is probably a part of your daily life. But for others, now is the perfect time to get more active and maybe go on a snowy run or some hot yoga inside: whatever gets your heart pumping!


4. Movie and Popcorn

Who doesn’t love a classic movie under warm blankets cuddled up with some snacks? If you can’t find any good movies, bingeing a show on Netflix works just as well!


5. Make a Fort

Either inside with blankets or outside with snow, building a fort never gets old. 


6. Bake Treats

There are countless delicious recipes online that can be made gluten or vegan for any of those who need these options. Anywhere from snickerdoodle cookies to double chocolate brownies, some sweet desserts are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 


7. Nap

Who doesn’t love sleeping? If you have some time on your hands or need to catch up from some late movie nights, now is the perfect time to catch some ZZZ’s.


8. Gingerbread House

Let your creative sides out and decorate a gingerbread house to either put up for decoration or snack on when you want something sweet.


9. Drive around and see Christmas lights

Some people love just going for drives, add in some festive lights, and that is a sure way to brighten the mood.


10. Decorate for the Holidays

If you don’t care about singing Christmas carols before Thanksgiving, then you probably wouldn’t mind putting up your tree early either! Ornaments, lights, nativity scenes, stockings, gift wrapping, or anything you can think of is perfect for getting you in the mood for the Holidays.


11. Make a Cup of Coffee or Hot Cocoa

Everyone needs their coffee fix, but there's hot cocoa for you if you aren’t a coffee drinker! If you are looking for something different, whipped coffee is super easy and a super delicious alternative!


There are so many more great options for ways to spend time with your friends and family, but hopefully, this list can get you started!


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I am a first year at SLU from Des Moines, Iowa. I am on the volleyball and equestrian team. I love being social with friends and working out is my fav stress reliever. Fall is my favorite season and I love pumpkin smelling everything. Country is my favorite genre, but Chainsmokers are my favorite duo
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