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10 Ways To Survive The Home Stretch

1. Keep time management in check! At  the end of the year, everything becomes very hectic. Try to manage your time productively! It’s important to keep a healthy balance between your academics, extra-curricular, and your social life.

2. Keep everything organized (academically, in your room…)- even though the years almost over, don’t let it all fall apart! Keep using your planner, keep your papers and textbooks organized, and keep your room clean so packing isn’t such a hassle.

3. Don’t cram the night before an exam… You should know very far in advance when your exams are or when your final papers are due. DON’T wait until the night before. It usually includes everything you’ve learned the entire semester, so be smart and start your studying/papers at least a week beforehand!

4. Embrace the warm weather!!- The last few weeks are easily the most stressful, so try to de-stress by embracing the warm weather! Lay out a blanket on the quad and read a book, use our handy canoe and kayak shack for a nice study break, or just take a walk through campus or around the golf course to clear your head.

5. Organize a way home- The final day will sneak up on you, so make sure you’ve coordinated a ride home, or your parents know when to come get you- security will kick you out 24 hours after your final exam!

6. Hang out with your friends as much as possible- Through all the chaos of finals, try to still see your friends as much as possible. It tends to escape our minds that we won’t be seeing them every hour of every day, like we do now, so embrace it while you can! Even just a twenty-minute lunch in the pub could  be a nice break in your day.

7. If needed, find a storage unit! – Living in the tundra causes us to have LOTS of winter clothes and jackets. If you don’t feel like lugging all of it home, find a storage unit nearby to keep it in! There are several storage places around Canton and Potsdam for reasonable prices as well as Thelmo Storage in the Lee basement- it will make your packing a much easier process.

8. Go to the stress relief days in the Student Center- Not every day can you get massages, breath in relaxing oxygen, play in a bouncy house, or play with puppies. Trust me, take advantage of it.

9. Treat yoself- I know we’re all broke, but escaping campus during a time of stress is much needed.


10. Take advantage of your final few nights!! Your final nights will be some of the best! If they aren’t spent in the library, then spend them with all of your friends!

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