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10 Ways to Make your Dorm Room Cozy

Need a few ideas to make your dorm more homey? Here’s how we make sure that were alwasy cozy in our little humble abodes!

1. Pictures

Nothing is cozier than being at home, and having pictures of friends, family and pets on your walls brings a little bit of home into your room.


2. Rugs

Cute rugs not only protect your toes from the cold tile floors, they also bring warmth to the room. These are from Walmart and IKEA, both for under $20!

3. Tapestries

Tapestries add color to those awful white walls. Because there are so many more options than just the typical designs, you can express a little bit of yourself.

4. Decorative Pillows

Adding decorative pillows is a fun way to jazz up your bed! There is no better feeling than being surrounded by big cozy pillows. Also, pillows are the perfect cute bed accessory.


5. Calendars

Calendars are not only a great organizational tool but also serve as a cute and cozy wall decoration.


6. Clothes pins

Clothes pins not only make a space feel cozy and a little more like home but they also serve as a great way to hang your decorations!


7. Furniture arrangement

Arrange your room to maximum the space and flow and create room for your cute rug!


8. Lights

Nothing is worse than overhead lights! Christmas lights add an alternative light source that makes the room cozier and more welcoming.   


9. Throw blankets

Throw blankets are great for those cold nights when you need an extra layer, or for movie nights when you’re crashing in a friend’s room.


10. Festive Attributes

Fall and winter are undeniably prime time for holidays and festivities. Also a perfect time to maximize coziness and to make your room more festive. The perfect fall activity is going to the pumpkin patch, so pick up a couple little ones to put on your desk. Also Christmas is only less than 80 days away, and it’s never too early to set up a little tree!

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