10 Things You’ll Understand If You’re From Maine

Going to school in New York, the first reaction most people have when they find out you are from Maine is to tell you all about Maine. Naturally, you listen with quiet enthusiasm, but inside you can’t help but laugh a little. Why? Because what they are describing is a random mash up of everything you call home. While Maine is a welcoming state, some things just can’t quite be shared the same way with outsiders.



-Mainers know all about the “Name Game,” throwing names at one another until a mutual acquaintance is discovered.


-No body of water is ever “too cold” to swim in for Mainers. Once the ice breaks on the water, it’s time to go swimming!


-For Mainers, 207 is like a self-identifying number. It’s also the only area code for the entire state.


-Mainers know L.L. Bean like the back of their hand; it’s common sense.



-Mainers don’t think of preparing for impending storms as anything out of the ordinary. A few inches might get the bat of an eye. A foot or so, that might require a little planning ahead for groceries.


-Mainers know what red hotdogs are, and aren’t afraid to eat them.


-Yes, Maine has amazing, fresh lobster. But no, lobster is not every Mainer’s favorite food.


-Climbing Katahdin is a life requirement.


-When Mainers refer to or mention ‘the city’, they are referring almost exclusively of Portland.



-Nobody eats blueberries the way Maine eats blueberries. Fresh, frozen or baked into pies and cobblers, blueberries are everywhere. If you don’t like them, you’re definitely not from Maine!