10 Feminist Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following!

Social media is growing and changing every day and while it can be toxic, there are also some good aspects to it. One of my favorite things about Instagram is how easily I can be updated on social movements I care about by following specific accounts. I also use my personal account to share helpful information about different topics I consider important, one of them being feminism, with my followers.

But before going forward, I do want to clarify that social media is not activism and should not be the only action we take for issues we are passionate about such as Black Lives Matter, feminism, and climate change, to mention a few. I do agree it is a very effective medium to share and distribute information with a lot of people quickly, but should not be the end of our participation and activism. I encourage everyone to take action beyond sharing a post on your Instagram and doing the work for causes you are passionate about.

With that being said, I want to share with all of you my favorite feminist accounts on Instagram. I have found these to be really useful and if you consider yourself a feminist, or want to learn more, I am sure you will too.

  1. 1. @feminist

    What I love about this account is the variety of issues the posts are about, even though the name is literally ‘feminist’ they definitely support other causes beyond feminism which I think is really cool.

  2. 2. @justgirlproject

    This is one of my favorite accounts ever and even though it doesn’t get political like the other accounts I am suggesting, I do find its content empowering for women. Plus I love their graphics and I think their whole Instagram feed is beautiful.

  3. 3. @feminist.herstory

    This account is historical and I have learned a lot about it. I think it is super important as feminists to acknowledge the long history of the movement. We are neither the first nor the last that will fight for equality, so this account serves as a reminder, at least for me, that change is possible.

  4. 4. @femalecollective

    The description they have in their bio is "Where women are celebrated, uplifted, supported, and empowered every day", and I think that's what they do.

  5. 5. @vibesofablackgirl

    I believe we cannot talk about feminism without talking about race and intersectionality. It is really important to follow feminists from all races to get a broader and more complete perspective of the issues feminism fights for.

  6. 6. @girlboss

    This account is also very empowering for women and has a lot of useful information. They also have a podcast and a job section for women which I think is pretty cool!

  7. 7. @thebonitachola

    This Instagram account is for all the feminist Latinas! The account is mainly in Spanish but she does upload some stories in English. What I love the most about this account is the main focus on the "pueblos orginiarios" (Indigenous groups along The Americas).

  8. 8. @badassbrownactivist

    This account is made up of twitter screenshots that are related to feminism, anti-racism, etc. Many different topics are shared but I find the content a very good way to open conversations about topics we should be talking about.

  9. 9. @feminismandotherthings

    This is relatively a smaller account compared to the other ones I have suggested but I love the info shared and their graphics are super pretty as well!

  10. 10. @girlsagainstoppression

    This is also one of my favorite accounts because it teaches you a lot about different issues related to feminism. They explain concepts, they share the arguments behind what they believe in, they talk about intersectionality and they have a global perspective which I love. ​

So these are my ten suggestions of different feminist Instagram accounts I love and have learned a lot about. Let me know in the comments if you already knew about them and if you have a favorite feminist account that I wasn’t mentioned feel free to comment as well.  


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