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These Boots Are Made For Snow Walking

The first few days of snowfall we got were great. The snow was pretty to look at and fun to take pictures in. It even cancelled several days of classes. But now it’s March, two weeks before Spring is supposed to officially begin, and the snowflakes still have not stopped falling. Mother Nature, we’re getting tired of all the plan-ruining, slippery white precipitation. And that’s not even the worst part. It’s the cold! Temperatures have not seemed to hit above freezing for two consecutive days in more than two months. But don’t worry: I’m here to give you a few tips on how to get through this absurd winter weather in one piece –and how to look good doing it!


1.  Layer up.

Classrooms can vary temperature-wise. You want to be able to not only stay warm when walking to and from class but also stay comfortable once inside. Leggings can be worn under anything, from dresses and skirts to jeans. Fuzzy socks are also a must and scarves can dress up or pull together any outfit.

2.  Invest in a good, heavy coat. The puffier the jacket, the warmer you’ll be. Usually, these coats can be pretty pricey, but trust me when I say it is worth it. The wind won’t sting as much and you’ll stay warm. Plus, they usually come in different colors to fit your style.

3.  Hats. Hats. Hats.Covering your head is a must in these sub-freezing temperatures. You can buy hats, beanies, furry earmuffs or those cute winter headbands that fully cover your ears almost anywhere. Find one or two you like and wear one whenever outside, especially when it’s snowing.

4.  Also, gloves.Hands always seem to get cold quicker than the rest of our body. They even make cute gloves that you can use your iPhone with without taking them off, which are definitely worth investing in.

5.  UGGs are a no-go.These are not made for being worn in the snow! They’re great for wearing all winter, just not when you’re trekking through the snow to class or to Monty’s. That’s what Hunter boots, Timberlands or any “weather-proof” or “winter boots” are good for. If there’s a good amount of snow on the ground where you will be walking, be wise about the shoes on your feet. Boots are a huge industry right now, coming in all styles, colors, and even heights.  It is very easy to wear super cute boots without getting your socks soaked.

6.  Be smart.

If temperatures are absurdly low, wearing leggings as pants is not the best choice because they are very thin and won’t do much to keep your legs warm. If conditions are really unsafe, be smart and stay inside unless you absolutely have to venture outside.

It’s important to not just shrug the cold weather off. If you don’t dress warmly and prepare yourself appropriately, it can actually hurt your health. As JLaw said in my favorite SNL skit, “It’s the flu season, you’re gonna have issues. If you get the sniffles, get a big box of – Kleenex?”

Coming from someone who lives in Worcester, Mass., which currently has the most snow in the U.S. right now with a record high of 92.1 inches of snow, staying warm is just as great a necessity as having cute wintery outfits. Now you don’t have to choose looking good over warmth and health; just be smart about it!

Elizabeth Adam is a sophomore at St. John's University. Hailing from the tiny rural town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, going to school so close to the city is completely surreal to her. She is currently studying to be a Theology major with a Social Justice minor in hopes of someday leading mission trips into third world countries for a career. She loves cats (especially her Maine Coon back home), Twizzlers, naps, and Demi Lovato. For more information, follow her Instagram at @lovatic_liz.
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