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Sorority Spotlight – Theta Phi Alpha

Name: Theta Phi Alpha 

Chapter Name: Alpha Epsilon

Nickname: Theta Phi, TPA 

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Year Founded: 1912

Colors: Blue, Silver, & Gold

Lauren Sackett: “Considering myself as someone shy and not always one to put myself out there, Greek Life seemed foreign and a little scary to me. But I went on a whim to recruitment last spring with a group of friends just to see what it was all about . The first room I ever went into was Theta Phi Alpha. And it was the only one I never wanted to leave. The sisters had similarities, but I noticed none were exactly the same. The diversity of those women attracted me to want to spend time to get to know them more. After receiving a bid, Theta Phi became a part of me that I can’t ever imagine missing. Being accepted and worthy of love from these wonderful girls is a feeling that is indescribable. This organization has brought me the big sister I’ve never had (S/O to Kelin, I love you), motivation to strive academically and in my career goals, and the opportunity to break out of my shell and experience overwhelming support from 50+ women.”

Symbols: Penguin, Pearl, Compass White Rose

Philanthropy: The House that Theta Phi Alpha Built, Camp Friendship, GlenMary Home Missioners

Lucy Holmes-Higgin: “I joined TPA because I knew it was for me. The minute I walked intot he recruitment room, I felt at home. TPA’s values really fit perfectly with mine, and there mission is something that I strive to live by. Finding my home in Theta Phi Alpha, and going Greek was the best decision that I’ve made in college thus far! I have met so many different people in different orgs, and gotten so invovled on campus. It taught me to come out of my shell and become the leader that I am today!”


A Junior at St. John's Univerity, President of Theta Phi Alpha- Alpha Epsilon Chapter, and Public Relations Chair for SGI! I am very involved on campus, and it's rare to find me anywhere else!  Originally from San Francisco, I am now an east coast lover! My major is Public Relations, and I aspire to be a college admissions counselor or a corporate recuiter!  Find me studying in DAC, hanging out with my sisters on the Great Lawn, or in line at Dunkin'!
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