Sorority Spotlight - Delta Phi Epsilon

Name: Delta Phi Epsilon

Chapter Name: Beta Omega

Nickname(s): DPhiE

Year Founded: 1917

Colors: Royal Purple, Pure Gold

Symbols: Unicorn, Pearl, Lovely Purple Iris, DPhiE Crest

Philanthropies: Cystic Fibrosis, ANAD, Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation

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We asked the sisters of DPhiE about their recruitment experience and here’s what they had to say:

Savone James: “Spring Recruitment for me was the start of a new adventure in my life. I just transferred over to St. John’s and knew no one. I heard multiple things about sororities, both good and bad, but thought hey I have nothing to lose! Going through Recruitment as a junior was definitely nerve racking especially when people wanted to know why you wanted to join a sorority so late in your college career, but so many of the organizations were also very supportive about it! Meeting the different girls and seeing mini previews into what they’re all about was exciting. All I could think of was maybe I’ll be lucky enough to become a part of something bigger than myself and no longer be alone here at this new school. And sure enough I got lucky and got a bid from my amazing sisters in Delta Phi Epsilon.”

Lakeisha Barnes: "So when I went in, I tried to keep an open mind about the process. I knew who I wanted to want me, but my best friend, who was already in a sorority told me that I shouldn't close my mind to other sororities. So the first day of recruitment the first couple sororities I went in I loved, except one. They just didn't fit me and so I didn't feel bad that they weren't talking to me cause to be honestly I didn't want them to call me back. By the last couple of sororities I was totally wanting it to already by over! So when I did my sorority list I put the one I wanted to want me at the top and then the ones I got along with after. The next two days were a blur of learning about the sororities and getting to know some of the sisters already there. When it came down to bid day I was extremely nervous because it was obvious the sorority that I'd originally wanted wasn't going to give me a bid but I had one sorority that I would've loved being in....So when I got went I got the bid from DPhiE I wasn't completely on board at first. They weren't my first choice but I didn't want to block them out. I took my bid because I remember having the best conversation with the girls. I felt comfortable and saw potential in my new home. Now I have a amazing group of sisters, the best big and twin and a kick butt group of class sisters who made the six intense weeks of learning about DPhiE special. "

And for all the hopeful PNMs here are a few tips that the girls also shared:

Savone: “If I could give any advice to anyone even thinking about going through recruitment it is this…Be yourself, be honest and keep an open mind! You’ll find your home!”