Somewhere New: Pt. 2

SUP Thai Food

By: Emma Dowd


Sup Thai Kitchen is the latest Thai restaurant to surface in Jamaica. Sup is walking distance from St. John’s campus and features classic Thai dishes in a modern environment. With four and a half stars on Yelp, Sup is worth the try.

Upon arriving at Sup for the first time my dinner guest and I were seated quickly at the bar style tables against the wall of the restaurant. The restaurant has a modern feeling, with neutral colors and simple, black, line art painted onto the walls.  We were quickly helped by a kind young woman who took our drink orders. I got the Thai tea with boba which was served to me in a milk jug style glass. The boba was the perfect amount of chewy and sweet and paired beautifully with the Thai tea.


For an appetizer, we ordered chive pancakes, which came with a soy vinaigrette for dipping. Along with our appetizer, three sauces of varying heat were brought to the table, these sauces also complimented the chive pancakes well.

For dinner, we ordered the drunken noodles and pad see-ew to share. Both dishes were phenomenal. The drunken noodles came with chicken and a slight spice. The pad see-ew came with beef and is a great option for people who don’t want any strong heat in their dish. Around the time our meals came, we were given a complimentary beverage, a purple lemonade.

For dessert, we ordered a Thai classic, mango and sticky rice, which was served with a large mound of sticky rice and plenty of mangoes to share between two people.

In my eyes, Sup Thai kitchen has five stars. The drinks and food were all outstanding and the customer service topped off the experience. I absolutely recommend this restaurant to other college students who want to remember what a sit down dinner is like outside of the dining hall.