Podcasts to Listen to While You're Stuck at Home

With the growing calls for self-distancing during this pandemic of the coronavirus, boredom kicks in on an unknown level. One of the most popular ways to help the time pass by would be binging TV shows, but what if you have caught up with all of your shows and you cannot find anything else to watch? It happens to everyone every once in a while. Another way to help pass the time is to listen to podcasts, anywhere you can listen to podcasts. One of my favorite places to listen to podcasts is on Spotify. 

Here is a list of my favorite podcasts on Spotify:


1. Murderific True Crime Podcast

For the crime lovers in all of us, host Bern, talks about serial killers, mass murderers, the missing, and unsolved cases in this podcast.

Listen to it here.


2. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard, actor, and husband to Kristen Bell, interviews other celebrities about real-life problems: dreams, struggles, and hopes. He looks for the truth and relatable aspects of being famous with the common people across the globe. 

Listen to it here.


3. Decoder Ring 

For the curious person in all of us, this podcast is for you. Through dark humor, the Slate TV critic, Willa Paskin, critiques everything from why Judy Garland is loved by the gay community, to other things that help the time by in a fun way. 

Listen to it here.


4. Murderish

For the crime lovers who love high profile people in the true crime community speaking about cases, this podcast is for you. 

Listen to it here.


5. Office Ladies

The stars of the Office, Jenna Fischer, and Angela Kinsey, bring you the epic The Office rewatch podcast. If you love the show, you will love this podcast. 

Listen to it here.


I hope these podcasts help you pass the time by when you are bored!