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An Open Letter to the Girls of Alpha Phi at BWU

For those who have not seen the amazing social media presentation put forth by the girls of Alpha Phi at BWU, I encourage you to click the link below and check it out. In a project entitled “We Are Not Our Stereotypes,” these women have put everything I do not know how to say into the most powerful, striking words. Without further ado, Alpha Phi, this one’s for you:




Thank you. Thank you for presenting sorority life in the most positive light. With all of the negativity Greek life receives, the bad rap constantly circulating the media, your project stands as a ray of light in the darkness. Sorority life is NOT parties, cute shirts,  “sratty” pictures, and frat boys. It is the strong, unbreakable bond between a group of women who, despite differences, share the same values and passion, united under the bond of sisterhood. Greek life is a way in which strong women unite to lift each other up, to support each other and share in each other’s victories. My sorority is my family, and your portrayal is so beautifully executed and more powerful each time I view it.

The social stigmas written on one hand are unfortunate misperceptions that I, too, have been accused of. “Haven’t you just bought your friends?” “Aren’t sorority girls all the same?” “Sorority life is going to change you.” The endless negative comments reflect an uncanny misperception of Greek life. How can anyone judge the relationships between my sisters and I? Why can’t they see past Greek Life as portrayed in “House Bunny,” and look beyond to the reality, to the future? Why can’t news broadcasts cover philanthropy events and school-wide sorority-sponsored functions, instead of focusing on solely the terrible and catastrophic, yet uncommon hazing accidents? Why do people judge Greek life, yet they aren’t even a part of it?

I hope that your presentation, girls, goes viral. Everyone should know about the “blonde physician’s assistant” and the “beatboxer” and “ADHD honors student.” Everyone should be able to understand the immense, amazing impact Greek life has made on your lives, and the indelible mark Theta Phi Alpha has made on mine.


Bravo, Alpha Phis at BWU. From a Theta Phi Alpha to you all, Alpha Phis, thank you for making an impact, one hand at a time.



Sorority girls everywhere

Demery is a Criminal Justice major at St. John's University, but she is currently investigating other options for her future career. At all hours of the day, you can find her with a Diet Coke in one hand and super cute Erin Condren planner in the other. She is a self-acclaimed professional organizer and enjoys spending her free time at school with her sisters of Theta Phi Alpha and friends on campus.
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