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Now is the Time to Redefine Our Relationships

The recent pandemic has caused a huge impact on relationships. You’re probably wondering: Relationships? Yes, relationships. As human beings we tend to only see relationships from a romantic perspective but relationships are not limited to romance or even people. If you lost your job during this pandemic, the relationship between you and your career and finances has been impacted. For college seniors, if your ability to cross the stage at graduation was canceled then your relationship with your education has been impacted. The relationship we have with different people and things in our lives allows us to build our own identity. For so many people losing a parent, job, and education resulted in them losing a part of their identity. 

Society tells us that the status you have in this world dictates your worth and is your identity. So we pride ourselves by holding titles such as Doctor, Lawyer, Professor, CEO, Daughter of, Son of etc. We work hard to obtain these titles so that we can feel important, so that we can feel validated.  But what do you do when everything stops? The validation you got from your job stops, the importance of being a CEO of a startup company stops, and the reassurance that your romantic relationship gave you stops due to the lost communication and social isolation. What do you do? 

What I chose to do is redefine myself by whom God called me to be. The pandemic might have shut down churches but your relationship with God doesn’t have to be impacted the way others are. The titles you have given yourself and received over the years may have suddenly paused, but your title as a Child of God (for those who are Christian) do not have to be. Use this quarantine time to prioritize the relationships that matter to you and the titles that matter to you. 

I personally do not believe in coincidences and I do not think that Easter Sunday being around the corner is a coincidence. Jesus Christ died and rose for our sins so allow the titles you hold and false identities you live to also die. Allow yourself to be risen. This also applies for people who are not Christian. The people who are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, spiritual etc. allow yourself to be redefined for the better during this time. Do the things that will help you grow spiritually and religiously and start baring fruitful relationships that cannot be impacted.

Magdelene Barjolo

St. John's '20

Magdelene D. Barjolo is currently a senior attending St. John's University majoring in Psychology with an interest in Social Justice and Human Rights. She is the co-founder of Sending Her Essentials Incorporated, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing young women with the tools they need to excel in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Magdelene is also an independent model as she has been featured in Vogue Italia, Makeup dot com, Women's Health Magazine and more.
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