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The Love Witch is a horror romance of its own kind. It came out in November 2016 and was directed by Anna Biller. Elaine, a young witch, makes spells and potions to seduce men into loving her. However, her spells are too powerful and she finds herself stuck with the victims of her craft. Once Elaine meets her one true love, her infatuation drives her insane and makes her a dangerous being who will go as far as murder in order to get what she wants.

This movie is truly unlike any film I have seen before. There are so many aspects that make this movie wholly unique–from the costumes, the soundtrack, and the vivid color scheme in which it was filmed. The plot line is enchanting, not despite, but because of how random it is. Elaine is not an extremely like-able character, but it is impossible to not be swept up in her charm. The Victorian romantic look of the 60s/70s is brought to life through Elaine and her appearance. Aside from the physical attributes, The Love Witch touches on feminism in a world where witches are meant to burn and men overpower women. Although in this film, the feminist approach reveals itself in a wicked and disturbing way, Elaine’s demonstrated power over her “lovers” is alluring.

The concept of this film presents witches in a much different light than most other movies in this genre. It takes the idea of an older, original character in Halloween movies and instead creates a powerful, feminine figure. The Love Witch consists of violent romance and psychedelic scenes that together combine to create an aesthetically pleasing film that captivates its audience. Some scenes, honestly, can be disturbing at times but it only adds to the eerie nature of the movie. Through the development of Elaine’s relationships, we get to see the various men that she encounters and how far she will go to find “the one”.

This movie is perfect to watch during the fall season and Elaine would also be a fun Halloween costume for this year!

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