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Loungewear Fashion You Need During Quarantine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

During this quarantine, loungewear is essential to being comfy during this time of social distancing. Through the tough times of staying home, some people want to help themselves feel less anxious and more comfortable, through fashion. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been looking for loungewear myself. I have been wearing the same three pajama sets for the past month and I wanted to change it up a bit. Since going out to retail stores is prohibited, you can always shop online.

Here are some of the most affordable, comfortable, and stylish loungewear outfits that I could find:

H&M Satin Pajamas

If you want a stylish, yet classy look, these polka dot pajamas are exactly what you are looking for!

Target Leopard Print Shorts

For those of us who hate pants or want to get a head start on the spring and summer weather, these are great for you!

H&M Bathrobe

Some of us just want to rock the bathrobe, and that is totally awesome! This bathrobe is really soft and does not lose touch after a few washes. 

Kohl’s Capri Set

For those of us who hate full length pants, these capris do the trick with being both cool and comfortable during sleep and staying in the house!

Kohl’s Sleepshirt/Nightgown

Some of us do not like to rock the nightgown, but it can be freeing!


I hope this helps you guys get some comfy, and affordable loungewear for these tough times at home!

Ivy Bourke

St. John's '23

St John’s Student who is studying Sports Management with a minor in journalism. I plan to change the sports world for the better and have women be represented in all aspects of the world.
Chanelle Norman

St. John's '20

Chanelle is a graduate of St. John's University '20 and former Editor-in-Chief for the chapter. When she's not sleeping for ungodly hours at a time she spends her time reading, writing and watching movies. She's pursuing her dreams of working in the book industry.