Kara Filippi, He for She

Kara Filippi: a 19 year old Sophomore Marketing major. She is involved in the Honors Program, the National Leadership Organization, Ad Club, and last but certainly not least, she started the He for She campaign at our campus!


What exactly is He for She?

“He for She is an initiative through UN Women to get guys more involved in the feminist/gender equality movement. They always say that progress can’t be made without the other half of the population. And really you do see, whether it be a protest or something else, that the majority of people there are women, and it is important to get guys involved because it’s relevant to them. It does impact their lives as well.”


Why did you get involved with He for She and when?

“Well, I started about a year ago when a business mentor of mine took me to one of the events, and I thought it was such an interesting concept, to get men involved in making gender equality happen. So, it kind of started last semester, and then I spoke to Student Government to get them involved, and then it really came together this semester.”

How has He for She impacted your life and college experience?

“It definitely puts my college experience in almost a more positive light, because of all the support that we did get, and the support that we are getting. I was excited to see how many people are reaching out to get involved in the movement. I think you learn a lot about people, through the quotes that we get and the photos, and some of them are very surprising, and not always something you’d expect from them.”


If you could change anything about your college experience, what would it be?

“Well, I’m a commuter, so if there were something I could change, I think that maybe, not commuting. Or maybe spending more time on campus, because I think that commuting, you do miss out on a lot.”

What are your career aspirations?

“I definitely wanna be involved in fashion. Maybe in the magazine industry, that’s always been something I’ve been very interested in.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“Do fashion and music count? I’m also really into thrift shopping.”

Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

“Definitely my Mom, because she’s a single parent and I think what she does is really honorable. In how she does everything, I mean she works and she goes to school at the same time, which I think is just great, and it’s great that she’s able to balance that and a family. She is getting her Masters in Special Education; she has a math degree, but she wants to be a teacher, she’s a TA now.


Are you interested in getting involved with He for She? Go forth and “like” their Facebook page, “He for She at St. John’s,” and then follow their Instagram and twitter pages, @HeforSheSJU. If you reach out via facebook message or comments on the pictures, someone will always get back to you and let you know about events and other things going on. Also, spread the word! Word of mouth is key! The more that people hear about this organization, the more attention it will get, which is the main idea.

Thank you for all the work you’ve been doing to bring He for She to our campus, Kara! Keep on doing what you’re doing!