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Fall themed doormat
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How to Decorate Your Room for Fall

It’s officially spooky season! Not only does this season bring us pumpkin spice flavors, apple picking, fall fashion, and Halloween, but it also brings us fall decor. Here is some decor that can spice up your room for the fall:

Fall throw blankets/pillows- I always emphasize having a neutral bedspread or comforter because if your bed is a neutral color, you can easily apply different throw blankets and pillows depending on the season. Fall throw blankets and pillows can range from just the classic orange color to a skeleton Halloween design. You can always mix and match your fall pillows and blankets as well. 

Lights- Adding lights to your room can make your living space more fun and relaxing. Instead of the basic rainbow LEDs, fall LED lights are cute and festive. There are a variety of fall LEDs like leaves, pumpkins, and bats. These can add a little spice to your room once you safely set them up.

Wooden Signs- Signs are probably one of the most popular types of home decor. A cute autumn wooden sign can have a simple “Hello Fall” or a fun “You’re the Hocus to my Pocus.” Not only are these wooden signs perfect for your bedroom, but also other living spaces, and even your door. 

Doormats- Doormats are a must have decoration for fall, as they are the first thing people see when they walk in your room! There are endless amounts of cute fall doormats that give you and others a cute welcoming message or design before entering your room. 

Candles- As long as they are allowed wherever you live, candles are a great way to decorate. There are endless amounts of scents and flavors to choose from. For example, there are fall scents such as pumpkin, apple cider, autumn leaves, and pecan pie. Whether it’s one wick or three wicks, candles add a perfect aroma to your room.

(Important: Always be absolutely sure that candles are allowed and safe wherever you live.) 

You can find these items at stores such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Target. Fall decor at these stores usually goes on main display during the summer and is up until Thanksgiving. Even after fall has ended, stock up on the fall clearance items to prepare for next year! Happy decorating!

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