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How To Make The Most of University “Study Days” With Finals Approaching

With finals approaching, we tend to stress out and be extremely anxious. We boost our coffee consumption or whatever drink or food that gives us energy. Some might even completely lose their appetite. This finals season is around the corner and we should make the most out of our study days without feeling so anxious about it. When we feel productive we automatically feel better and feel motivated to do more and to finish strong. 

It can be difficult to keep up with assignments and final papers as well as any late or unfinished work. However, time management and having a balanced and organized schedule can work wonders. I know this is something that everyone says but it truly is the best tool for study days and finals. Before starting your study days make sure you organize your week and color code in your calendar for your study sessions. This will help your days run smoothly and give you the motivation to complete your work and study. Additionally, during your study days, it is important to relax and have breaks that can ultimately help your mental state and overall energy to put in the work. When we study for hours and hours nonstop and we get stressed out our brain doesn’t retain the information as well as we might think. When having small breaks and doing something you enjoy to relieve any tension you can perform much better and it will make your study days feel better.  Exercising can be a great way to relieve stress and tension from studying and the anticipation of finals. 

Furthermore, it is helpful to have the perfect setting for your study days. If you feel best indoors and somewhere quiet the library is for you. If you prefer having a white noise or be outdoors you can check up a spot on campus or anywhere in your neighborhood that will provide you that comfort. As well as you can also create study sessions with friends that can help and motivate you with topics you are unsure of. Creating video conferences with friends to study can be a very helpful tool to get work done. However, if you feel more focused and productive studying by yourself or in your room stick to that. It is important to feel comfortable during these days to concentrate and make study days feel better. On a different note, you can also have fun with your study days and create Quizlets and colorful flashcards if you’re more of a visual person. You can test yourself and have a better studying method. It is good to know which works best for you to get awesome results in the end. Also, it is important to not leave everything last minute! I know it is hard not to procrastinate sadly, it is something I often do but for your finals make sure you’re not procrastinating. This way when it comes the week of your finals you will feel ready because you've been taking your study days seriously and you won't feel as stressed or anxious from studying late the night prior. 

Lastly, remember that your mental state comes first so truly during these days listen to your body. Get sleep and don’t stay up all night studying or working. It will ultimately hurt you and I know especially if you’re like me that feels productive at night, it is not healthy and slowly changing these habits and making your days more productive starting with waking up earlier will help tremendously. In the end, remind yourself that you will get a much-needed vacation so finish strong and make your study days great so that when you take your finals it is a breeze and you’ll get the break you deserve. If this still doesn’t convince you then just know that summer is approaching soon and we all want to enjoy the weather and get tan knowing that we got passing grades and we are one step closer to start another journey. 

Melody Melo

St. John's '23

Hi! I'm Melody Melo I'm currently a sophomore at St. John's University and I'm majoring in legal studies with a minor in French. I love learning about different cultures and adventuring. I’m interested in philosophy and arts, and I enjoy expressing myself through my writing and style.
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