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Hair Myths That Are Damaging Your Natural Hair

Taking care of your natural hair can come with many challenges. From finding the best products to mastering a healthy routine, the struggle can get real when caring for your natural hair. And with endless myths about Black hair floating around, the struggle only gets realer. Luckily, as awareness of such myths grow, they can also be debunked. By debunking damaging myths, naturalistas can start implementing more healthy hair care practices. Thus, reducing some of the struggles faced when caring for natural hair. 

Continue Reading To Start Debunking Four Myths That Are Damaging Your Natural Hair. 

1. You Need To Avoid Water 

While this may be true when trying to maintain a silk press, when attempting to grow healthy hair in its natural state, water is a must. From budding plants to growing bodies, everything in nature needs water to promote healthy growth. The same goes for growing healthy natural hair. So, instead of avoiding water, dive headfirst into it. While you’re at it, don’t forget to up your water intake too. 

2. Your Hair Grows Better When It’s Dirty

In fact, it’s actually quite the opposite. Your hair grows better when it’s clean. Maintaining a clean scalp and head of hair reduces bacteria, buildup and blockage; all of which can lead to a range of damaging complications such as inflammation, dandruff and severe itching. Thus, stunning healthy growth. Conversely, by keeping your hair clean, you can lessen the chances of such issues while also promoting healthy natural hair growth. 

3. You Need To Wear Weave to Grow and Protect Your Hair

It is often said that natural hair grows the best when it is left alone. While this is true, the definition of “left alone,” is often blurred. Thus, creating damaging confusion. As a result, many naturalistas look to weave as a way to leave their hair alone and promote growth. Unfortunately, many weaves create severe tension—leading to damage and defeating its purpose. So, instead of installing weave, use low maintenance hairstyles to leave your hair alone, protect it and promote healthy natural hair growth.

4. Products Make Your Hair Grow

Yes, products can aid in maintaining healthy natural hair. However, products alone do not grow healthy natural hair. You can’t simply put grease on uncared for hair and expect it to grow. Instead, you must practice proper hair care routines while using products, such as weekly wash days, to promote healthy natural hair growth. With that said, rather than looking for the next “magic” conditioner, oil or cream, aim to implement a more suitable hair care routine to promote natural hair growth. 

No matter how much you love it, caring for your natural hair won’t always feel like a walk in the park. As new information is constantly discovered, many naturalistas may find it hard to develop solid hair care routines to promote healthy natural hair growth. This is especially true when you have to decipher between the myths and truths. However, with the proper research, it can be done successfully. So, start with this list and begin debunking your way to healthy natural hair.

*Always consult professionals for hair advice to follow!

Yaminah Smith

St. John's '22

Yaminah is a St. John’s University graduate with a B.S. in Journalism. She loves writing everything from brief motivational quotes to detailed narrations. With each word, she hopes to inspire and guide people all over the world towards improvement.
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